Interceptor Alpha Surf Ski

  • 2021

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Design Anthology

Commissioned By:

Ocean Playground

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The Interceptor Alpha is a customisable single person surf ski that can be tailored to a paddlers ergonomic requirements and stylistic preferences. Designed in Australia for professional athletes and dedicated paddlers, Alpha pushes the boundaries without sacrificing comfort, all-round performance, and aesthetics.

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  • Design Anthology was engaged by Ocean Playground to realise their vision for a new surf ski product line. The previous generation's design was showing its age and competitors had begun taking market share with their new product ranges. The new product had to be competitive both in use, as well as in the market, with a streamlined manufacturing process to reduce Ocean Playgrounds turnaround time.

  • During our initial investigation, we identified a number of improvements that could be made to the previous generation skis performance and efficiency. The most innovative was the development of a modular footwell assembly that significantly improved user performance compared to the previous footwell that was rigid, labour intensive, and couldn't easily be adjusted to a users individual ergonomics. The Alpha also had a significantly more optimised manufacturing process that improved lead time, structural integrity, longevity, and cost efficiency. Product styling was enhanced through a sleek design that allowed for customisation through in-mould graphics and gel coat finishes.

  • Interceptor has proven to perform far better than previous models, 8 seconds faster over 500m as well as being significantly lighter. It has made a significant impact to paddlers, athletes utilising the Interceptor claiming a number of accolades at the 2021 Surf Life Saving Australia Titles. Riley Fitzsimmons used the Interceptor at 2018 World InterClub Open Ocean Event, claiming Men's World Championship. Ocean Playground has also seen business growth and an increase in market share from the new design. It is also more sustainable with the streamlining of the manufacturing process and the adjustable footwell creating longevity for the ski.

  • There are three main user groups of the Interceptor Alpha Surf Ski, they are professional athletes, life-saving clubs and general paddlers. The function of the Interceptor Alpha Surf Ski is to provide perfect balance between stability and speed for these main user groups. Optimising the body position of the paddler in the ski, this improves strength transfer to the paddle and, because it's more comfortable, means paddlers can paddle longer. The Alphas carbon-fibre and kevlar construction means that it is lighter and more durable against rigorous use and impacts. The Adjustable Footwell enables the Interceptor Alpha Surf Ski to grow with the paddler or be passed to another user due to its adjustable nature, this creates longevity in the surf ski, extending its product life. Components that can break often (i.e. foot straps) can be easily replaced instead of discarding the entire ski for a replacement. We have identified a range of renewable resins and reinforcements that could reduce the environmental impact of this product in the future. i.e. Hemp and Flax. Vacuum infusion uses less resin, so a more efficient use of product has been implemented with a net reduction in waste.