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WoodBeQuiet™ is the synchronisation of visual beauty, superior sound absorption and environmental sensitivity. The WoodBeQuiet™ collection of acoustic planks by Acoufelt are composed from polyester fibres with more than 60% recycled content, and are printed to appear like real wood using a high-resolution printing technique that doesn’t impede acoustic performance.

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  • The use of wood in our interiors contributes to sound reverberation, creating an environment that is unpleasant to the human ear. As we create spaces to ultimately serve the people within them, this often removes wood from interior design plans. Once again, we are faced with a compromise between acoustic and aesthetic priorities. But what if wood could be quiet? Acoufelt wanted to design a product that didn't compromise on aesthetics, acoustics and sustainability. The challenge was to create a flexible and easy-to-install product from sustainable materials, mimicking the unique grain aesthetic of wood, but boasting strong acoustic properties.

  • The WoodBeQuiet™ design journey has resulted in a collection of acoustic planks in five unique wood grain colourways: 'Barn Door', 'Log Cabin', 'Picket Fence', 'Boat Shed' and 'Wine Barrel'. Acoufelt's specialised printing technique enables the planks to look exactly like real wood. However, unlike real wood, WoodBeQuiet™ planks achieve an acoustic Noise Reduction Coefficient ('NRC') of 0.45, and are made from more than 60% recycled PET material. WoodBeQuiet™ planks are also much lighter than real wood, and can be easily installed to interior walls and ceilings with a user-friendly 'Peel and stick' backing.

  • WoodBeQuiet™ has been specified by architects and designers in projects around the world - from Sydney to San Diego - across a range of spaces and applications including open-plan offices, schools, cafes and hospital facilities. Designers can now incorporate the beautiful and natural 'look' of real wood into modern interior spaces, yet foster a comfortable acoustic environment for occupant's productivity, creativity, as well as physical and mental well-being. In addition to this, WoodBeQuiet™ planks are modular, easy to install, made from recycled PET material, and 100% recyclable at their end-of-life.

  • 1. High-resolution printing method that doesn't impact acoustic performance 2. 'Peel and stick' backing for ease of install 3. Breathable material 4. High resistance to fire 5. Super fine fibres to achieve a smooth surface appearance 6. Thermal efficiency 7. Certified low VOC, Formaldehyde and Phenol-free 8. 10 year lightfastness warranty