• 2020

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions

Designed In:

United States of America

The WM500 WIRELESS PoC REMOTE SPEAKER MICROPHONE collaborates with a smartphone to provide push-to-talk communication over cellular. It provides a tactile interface, voice control, enhanced audio performance, and added durability for conditions encountered in Public Safety and Commercial environments.

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  • Modern cellular networks and equipment offer Push-to-talk (PTT) services which give phones simple talk and listen communication capabilities. This communication method offers two-way radio efficiency over a single smart device. The smartphone form factor is not well suited to the rigors of commercial and public safety environments. Large attention grabbing screens, touch interfaces, and non tactile controls are not suitable for the “eyes up” performance required by users. Designers were challenged to create a solution emulating the mission critical tactility and audio performance of a two way radio microphone coupled with the power and versatility of a smartphone.

  • Research showed that a collaborative device which could bridge the gap between a smartphone and a two-way radio would be an effective way to meet communication needs for users. Users of traditional two way radios are accustomed to using a remote speaker microphone as the interface to the device. This solution provides an updated wearable microphone form factor with tactile controls for PTT, audio, and programmable functions. Designers integrated voice control and programmable keys into the speaker grill of the device with a unique spacing and key feel to enable blind use as the device is worn on the body.

  • Many organizations demand the flexibility and cost benefits of a “bring your own device” model. This solution allows the full functionality of the user’s smartphone while adding a rugged mode of interface for instant critical communication. The user’s smartphone is able to remain protected “in the pocket” while the WM500 interfaces wirelessly to it. This allows cost savings and the ability to integrate with equipment that is already in place. Users are positive about the functionality while organizations benefit from the efficiency and cost effectiveness afforded by the solution.

  • Tactile ergonomics: -Controls for volume, channel, PTT, voice, and other programmable functions are designed for use with gloves. Spacing is arranged to enable users to differentiate between controls and intuitively functions via blind feel without needing to look at the device. This is further enhanced by voice control which announces device status as well as receiving user commands for control of the device. Enhanced Audio Performance: -Designed to reduce distortion, cancel background noise and suppress device feedback, the WM500 provides audio performance well beyond the typical smartphone. Superior Enhanced Full Duplex™ Wideband audio performance in PTT over cellular provides clear audio and eliminates the need to wait before speaking. A strategically placed microphone system ensures clear transmission, regardless of how the device is worn by the user. -Windporting technology was incorporated into the Design to allow clear communication in difficult weather and noise conditions by eliminating the whining and howling sounds of wind blowing across the device while also preventing water from blocking the microphone. The result is clearer transmissions. Advanced protection in wet and harsh environments: -The WM500 is rated IP67: dust-tight and submersible. Enhanced water drainage and top quality materials withstand extreme working conditions.