Wishbone Bike RE2

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Wishbone Design Studio

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New Zealand

Wishbone Bike RE2 is an innovative learn-to-walk & ride system for ages 12 months to six years. Made from single-source PCR resins, Wishbone Bike RE2 uses advanced molding techniques to turn waste carpet & bottles into a premium children’s ride-on toy. Multi-functional, lightweight, weatherproof, repairable, recyclable and built to last.

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  • Wishbone’s mission is to support independence, confidence and active lifestyles for children aged 1 to 5. Learning to walk and ride should be easy for the very young, hooking them into a lifetime of carbon-free mobility. But children grow up fast. Can we design a simple ride-on that fits perfectly and supports each development stage from 12 months to school? Waste is a major concern in the US$ 20 billion-a-year global toy industry, where 90% is plastic. Most toys end up as landfill. Wishbone will set a new standard in toy design, minimising raw materials and transforming waste into heirlooms.

  • Wishbone Bike is an innovative learn-to-walk & ride system with patented rotafix adjustability for the perfect fit from twelve months to six years. The rotafix frame offers three-way adjustability with a single fixing. Made from single-source post-consumer recycled carpet (nylon) and plastic bottles (polypropylene), Wishbone Bike RE2 uses advanced gas-assisted injection molding techniques to reduce raw materials and create a lightweight, weatherproof frame built to last for generations. Designed for easy assembly, disassembly, repair, and optimum recyclability, each bike ships flat-packed in 100% fibre-based packaging.

  • Wishbone Bike RE2 is sold through approximately 500 storefronts in 25 countries globally and has had notable success in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand. Since launching Wishbone Bike RE2 in October 2019, Wishbone has sold 2000 units. The RE2's predecessor called Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition (launched in 2014 and made from waste carpet) sold more than 20,000 units. Each Wishbone Bike RE2 diverts 3 kg of carpet waste from landfill and uses the equivalent of 200 recycled PP bottles.

  • Wishbone Bike RE2 begins as a three-wheel babywalker for children from as young as 12 months. They learn to walk upright supported by Wishbone Bike RE2's lightweight, stable design. Next children easily learn to coast, steer and brake with their feet without the complication of pedals. Families become more active, choosing to walk to the playground or store with their little one riding along independently. Later, once the child is riding confidently, Wishbone Bike RE2 can be easily converted from three to two wheels. Toddlers learn to balance quickly and safely, without the need for pedals. After that, learning to ride a pedal bike is intuitive, requiring just minutes to master. Wishbone Bike RE2 grows with the child thanks to rotafix 3-way micro-adjustability. With only one fixing, it is easy to adjust the frame height and seat height, keeping the seat level at all times. Wishbone Bike RE2 fulfils a checklist of Circular Economy and low emission design principles including - waste minimisation - close-to-source manufacturing - modularity - no filler, fibres, strengtheners or additives in key components, for optimum recyclability