Anker SOLIX C800 PLUS (Portable Power Station)

  • 2023

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Anker Innovations Limited

Commissioned By:

Anker Innovations Australia Pty Ltd

Designed In:


Anker SOLIX C800 Plus Portable Power Station is integrated to combine three devices into one for any camping trip. Aside from power, C800 Plus comes with a 3-mode light and a 100cm retractable pole that acts as a hanger, selfie stick, and tripod.

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  • As a 3-in-1 device, campers save space and hassle with SOLIX C800 Plus. The integrated station powers 89% of outdoor appliances. C800 Plus also serves as an outdoor camping light, providing consumers extra illumination if they don't want to build a fire or are up late reading. For recharging, HyperFlash™️ technology gives consumers less waiting time with C800 Plus recharging to 100% in only 55 minutes. That's 21% faster than portable power stations with the same capacity. Consumers can even recharge via the 400W solar input with 33% faster speeds than similar portable power stations.

  • SOLIX C800 Plus goes beyond consumer expectations with Anker InfiniPower™️ technology. Using LiFeP04 batteries that last up to 3,000 cycles, the portable power station is built to last over a decade, even with everyday use. Consumers can light up their campsite without a fire thanks to the power station's integrated camping lights with three modes. And if consumers are running short on time, it's easy to recharge C800 Plus fast thanks to HyperFlash™️ technology. Plus, it's easy to control every aspect with the Anker app, so consumers can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  • Consumers will want SOLIX C800 Plus for its convenience on camping adventures. The 3-in-1 portable power station combines water-resistant LEDs, a versatile 1m retractable pole, and a 3-in-1 camping light to brighten up the night. Its sleek and water-resistant design ensures durability, while the storage compartment keeps charging and accessories neatly organised.

  • Aside from SOLIX C800 Plus's 3-in-1 design, the portable power station features InfiniPower™️ for a longer product lifespan and HyperFlash™️ fast charging. In addition, SOLIX C800 Plus supports solar recharging and can be controlled remotely via the Anker app.