Whispair Rangehoods

  • 2017

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Dane Hocking

Commissioned By:

Haus Group Australia

Designed In:


Designed for ultimate extraction performance, Whispair utilises revolutionary technology that doesn’t rely on finding a balance between air movement and noise. The hood is equipped with a powerful backward curved centrifugal fan motor that is positioned external to the kitchen along with baffle filters that minimise noise generated by airflow.

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  • Whispair incorporates a powerful backward curved centrifugal fan which is positioned outside of the cooking (kitchen) environment. This style of fan is capable of dealing with large system pressures (air flow resistance) that are bought about by filters and long duct runs. The motor comes in two formats - external and inline. The external unit protrudes through the roof or wall whilst the inline unit locates the fan in a cavity such as a roof space. Whispair also offers three motor variations, the varying airflow capacities (800m3/hr, 1140m3/hr and 2010m3/hr) are used to cater for a large array of users.

  • The fan motor is positioned outside of the cooking environment to eliminate the noise generated by the fan motor. Baffle filters are used in all Whispair hood chassis styles. Commercial-style baffle filters create a uniform flow path and create less turbulent airflow than conventional mesh filters. Less turbulent airflow equates to less noise.

  • Baffle filters are used to remove by-products from the air stream such as steam and grease whilst maximising the air flow passing through the filtration zone. Baffle filters offer superior filtration rates when compared to conventional mesh filters which capture only a fraction of the relevant by-products. All Whispair hoods incorporate a 'grease trap' which captures any overflow of the grease and moisture.

  • Whispair hoods boost only the best stainless steel - AISI304 for the indoor range and AISI316 'Marine Grade' for the alfresco BBQ range. This quality stainless steel is not only long lasting but easy to clean with a damp cloth. The filters and grease trap can be removed from the hoods chassis and placed in the dishwasher restoring the filters to 'new' condition. Conventional mesh filters when placed in abrasive environment such as a dishwasher will deteriorate with time.

    Whispair utilises a unique “clip in - clip out” electronic system that enables fast servicing if the electronics of the hood ever fail. The electronics also incorporate wireless functionality that enable to user to operate the hoods with a remote controller.

    All Whispair hoods are equipped with energy efficient LED lighting. The CCT has been carefully selected at 3000K to ensure the light emitted is a 'warm white' that accentuates the food on the cooking surface. Most Whispair hoods have lighting positioned along the front and rear fascia panels to ensure that the cooking surface is lit from all angles, eliminating shadows or lighting dead spots.

    All Whispair chassis' are designed with the Australian consumer in mind. Most brands in the Australian marketplace adopt European or Asian styling due to the origin of the brand. Whispair understands the Australian consumer and trade requirements (such as cabinet dimensions) and specifically developed product to suit. Whispair utilises only the best materials in the construction of its hoods. Every Whispair hood is designed and assembled in Carrum Downs, Victoria.