Blundstone RotoFlex Safety Footwear

  • 2023

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Blundstone Australia Pty Ltd

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In 2019 Blundstone embarked on a project to completely revolutionise our flagship heavy-duty safety boots. After two years of research and development the result is the Blundstone RotoFlex range. Designed for men and women, the RotoFlex range uses advanced biomechanical principles to protect workers from injury through flexibility and stability.

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  • -Ankle rolls and trips are one of the biggest causes of downtime for workers, especially on building sites. Find a design solution that created stability and flexibility. -Comfort and fit of footwear play an important role in mitigating fatigue and injury from feet and ankles through to legs and back. Find a design solution creating built-in shock absorption and fit improvements. -Create a ergonomic work boot to aid in fatigue prevention. -Sustainable improvements with material selection and testing, while still ensuring maximum durability. -Improve grip conditions, a key element to safety in very variable and rough, uneven site conditions.

  • The Blundstone team commissioned biomechanical research in order to fully understand the interaction between the body and the boot. This, combined with significant end user research consultation informed the design of the advanced GripTek sole and Softcell upper. Sustainability was addressed with the use of recycled and 3D printed materials, while the innovative sole system mimics the natural movement of the foot, providing greater comfort and support. The heel contains an eTPU foam insert to absorb shock and return energy, reducing energy loss and the injury risk. With good design, this was achieved within our strict cost targets.

  • The Blundstone RotoFlex range has had a significant impact on the safety boot market, setting a new standard performance. The boots are designed to be aesthetically appealing, while offering key features. - Safety: Ankle sprains are a leading cause of injury. User testing indicated that the sole effectively reduced incidents of ankle roll, while allowing free movement. - Sustainability: The linings and laces are 100% recycled. The use of 3D printed materials eliminates material offcuts allowing components to be precisely made to size. - Energy: The design absorbs impact and returns energy, reducing risk of injury and improving overall safety.

  • RotoFlex principles are based on more than two years of insights research. Independent research was commissioned with the University of Tasmania School of Health Sciences to investigate biomechanics in relation to common foot injuries and fatigue. This research led to new ways of approaching boot design relating to freedom of movement and proprioception. Sustainability was also a key consideration. 3D printed reinforcing materials were employed to minimise waste, and recycled PET was used for the internal linings. The laces are also made from recycled material. The Griptek sole is designed to reduce ankle injury with a wide contact surface. The heel design provides cushioning and clearance over obstacles. The tread geometry is designed to grip ladders and protect when using tools such as shovels. The Aircell footbed has cushioning zones that pump air around the underside of the foot. A vented arch area breaths by the use of a concertina action with air channels circulating air and removing moisture. The Softcell interior design of the boots has a form and fit developed over a period of 18 months of trials. Fit for both men and women was determined in alignment to gender specific biomechanical factors.