Webster-pak® Interim

  • 2018

  • Communication

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  • Webstercare

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Webster-pak Interim provides patients with a continued supply of short-term medications when they are discharged from hospital or transiting between healthcare settings. Accommodating medication for up to four days, Webster-pak Interim bridges the gap between hospital and home providing patients with an accurate supply of medications in a single pack.

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  • Research shows up to two thirds of medication histories contain errors and one third of these have the potential to cause harm, even death. Errors occur when patients move between healthcare settings during admission, transfer and discharge. Webstercare’s challenge was to create a packaging system to reduce the risk of error and improve communication between patient and pharmacy. The medication reconciliation process involves verifying and documenting a patient’s current medicines and comparing the medication orders with the patient’s diagnosis. When combined with the Webster-pak Interim, this process significantly reduces errors and empowers patients to be more adherent with their medicines.

  • Based on feedback received while undertaking qualitative research within a hospital pharmacy setting, Webstercare designed a convenient and easy to use medication packaging solution to ensure patients receive the right medication, the right dose, at the right time. After the medication reconciliation process has been completed, the pharmacist packs the required medications within the Webster-pak Interim blister and attaches the medication dispense labels to the inside cover. By preparing the Webster-pak Interim pack, the pharmacist ensures the patient receives the correct medicines in an easy to use format, eliminating confusion for patients with complex regimes and providing peace of mind.

  • Medication errors are common and for older patients, taking complex regimes, the risk is increased. Webster-pak Interim is Webstercare’s patient centred response to feedback from hospital pharmacists, helping to reduce potential medication errors and enhances the journey between hospital and returning to the community. Our design solution ensures medication for each patient is properly reconciled, resulting in improved patient safety, patient satisfaction, as well as a reduction in patient re-admission to hospital due to medication errors. Webster-pak systems increase medication adherence to over 95% and empower patients to take control and maintain independence over their complex medication requirements.

  • Design – The four-day design, is compact and portable, providing patients with the right amount of medications they need while transitioning back into the care of their community GP or Aged Care Facility. – The cover provides privacy for sensitive medication information and extra protection from accidental damage and light. – The one card design, with pre-inserted blister and cold seal foil, is simple and easy to prepare. No specialised equipment or software required. Accessibility – Each blister compartment, within the Webster-pak Interim, is professionally packed by the pharmacy with the exact medications required, making administering medications simple and easy. – Colour coded dosage times with graphic symbols to indicate the time of day have proven effective in removing language barriers in multi-lingual and indigenous communities. – The King Size Concertina blister is designed to fit larger medications, meaning almost all medication profiles can be accommodated into one pack, increasing adherence and reducing the risk of missing medications. Innovation – Webstercare’s Concertina Blisters significantly reduce the strength and dexterity required to access medications. Patented air channels and cold seal foil with micro-perforations, reduce the pressure required by 46%. – Webster-pak Interim is the only system of its kind specifically designed to reduce medication errors during hospital discharge.