Telstra Packaging Design System


Telstra sought to reimagine their packaging as part of a repositioning of the entire Telstra brand. With a vast portfolio of products, from multiple suppliers, Telstra had an inconsistent packaging style that didn’t represent their brand positioning. We were tasked with eradicating over-packaging, simplifying production and improving the consumer experience.

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  • Project targets; - Design a premium, cohesive style to best present the Telstra brand. - Ensure the solution meets the Australian 2025 National Packaging Targets. - Reduce landfill waste by removing all plastics and reducing materials. - Simplify and improve packaging performance through innovative structural design. - Ensure products are safely and securely packaged, avoiding product damage and wastage throughout the supply chain. - Educate consumers of available recycling systems.

  • The solution blends innovative brand design with sophisticated structural design, creating a consistent packaging suite. Thoughtful use of colour and kraft-board creates visual consistency across the range, considerably minimising the ink/materials expended in production. Bespoke structural designs significantly reduce packaging materials and plastics, positioning Telstra as a leader in sustainable design and saving hundreds of tonnes in packaging annually. This creates substantial improvements in packaging costs, logistics, delivery efficiency and overall savings. Problematic materials, laminates and varnishes are phased-out to ensure all packs are 100% recyclable. Messaging and ARL labelling inform consumers on recycling for both packaging and obsolete electronics.

  • As an example, the size reduction of the Telstra Smart Modem packaging and the sophisticated internal design of the pack has reduced the number of dieline components from four to two. This has yielded a 75% material saving over the previous design. The reduction in overall box size for the Telstra Smart Modem has improved pallet layout, with a 32% increase in the amount of modems shipped per pallet-ultimately reducing total pallets transported, simplifying logistics, improving delivery efficiency and subsequently, lowering carbon emissions.

  • The new packaging system provides a flexible framework to accommodate the vast array of Telstra products, which can be executed by multiple suppliers. A packaging styleguide has been developed to simplify and streamline the process of new product development packaging. In line with Telstra's refreshed brand identity, the packaging architecture utilises gradient bars, negative space and conversational text - presenting a consistent brand across Telstra's digital and retail channels. Featuring only necessary messaging and thoughtful use of colour, the design architecture creates a cohesive, engaging user experience. Telstra colourways have been applied to represent entertainment, connectivity and business devices. To enhance the unboxing experience and enable the consumer to activate their device faster, both the structural design and visual design have been considered in the redesign. Internal structures are formed to neatly hide all plugs, cords and additional components. Furthermore, clever internal layouts enable the presentation of the product within a gradient frame as the package is opened. Meaningful messaging and a dynamic use of colour cohesively combine to engage the user and simply communicate key information.