Water Recycling Treatment Tank

  • 2020

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    Commercial and Industrial

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The Water Recycling Treatment Tank is a simple, versatile and modular tank profile, that when multiplied, forms an enlarged array with increasing volume, ideal for water treatment and storage. This purpose-built tank is designed specifically for the Aquacell proprietary (and innovative) recycling system, that processes Greywater, Blackwater Stormwater or Rainwater.

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  • • Redesign a modular polymer tank system, and its components, that can be locally transported or exported via standard shipping containers, either assembled or disassembled configurations. • Reduce associated high freight costs, yet maintain integrity as a light-weight, high-strength solution for water treatment plants, and provide value-added competitive advantages. • Enhance the redesign with decisive incremental changes that will provide efficient assembly techniques and improved operational methods; reduce excessive reinforcement framing material and associated labour assembly costs. • Rectangular 5,000L tank design that can be installed in tight constrained places or outdoor landscape environments, that when arranged in multiples, will provide enlarged volume capacity.

  • • Containing 5T of water in a vessel other than a cylinder is extremely difficult, especially when using plastic, 12mm thick. To overcome the high pressure loading on the vertical flat walls a combination of integrated ribs were designed into the polymer walls, with steel bracing further reinforcing the perimeter. • A novel Longitudinal inter-connect system was designed to satisfy the requirement for hydraulic flow between the tanks, which was also paramount for the assembly to be mated side-by-side. • This in turn required a construction method to assemble and tension the tanks together using a simple but unique buckle and brace system.

  • • The Commercial Impact has experienced an overall 18% cost-down reduction in combined materials, shipping and labour costs, while increasing efficiencies ten-fold in handling, operational and maintenance aspects. Safety and risk factors have also been greatly mitigated by reducing need for roof top and internal access. • Aquacell takes great pride with its social responsibility, continuing this practice by making ongoing improvements to its greywater/blackwater recycling treatment system – this tank is an example of that commitment. • Environmentally the tank is composed entirely and solely of recyclable polyethylene. The steel framing has been incrementally decreased by 7%, and waste water is massively reutilized.

  • • Rectangular-shaped tanks are more space efficient than round tanks and cheaper than stainless steel panel tanks: perfect for installations where space is very tight and a flexible layout is required. • However, a rectangular tank pushes extreme boundaries for containing large volumes of water, literally. Hydrostatic pressure is best contained in cylindrical vessels; it poses an absolute nightmare on flat-sided tanks. • Many design iterations and FEA testing finally determined the best combination of the overall tank design: the unique large ribbing within the polymer walls, combined with concealed steel bracing. • The system relies on assembling large dimensional tanks side-by-side, and directly coupling them together longitudinally (via opposing and ‘moulded-in’ inlet-outlet's). • The single tanks are progressively multiplied in number until the desired volume capacity of the overall system size is achieved. • New sealing and inspection hatches mitigate OHS risks associated with accessing the top and inside of tank, as well as containing noxious smells. • The clever tank design incorporates new levels of simple, integral features which increase performance, safety, and security for: the technician, the operator, the serviceperson; all-round a better and safer tank system. • The new tank system makes it increasingly viable for commercial applications, high-rise tower's and multi-dwelling private use.