Vaxxas Nanopatch Jet Coating Instrument

  • 2015

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Australian company Vaxxas is pioneering a next-generation vaccine delivery platform called Nanopatch™, a microscopic patch that consists of an array of thousands of vaccine coated microprojections that perforate and deliver vaccine into the outer layers of the skin when applied with an applicator device.
The Nanopatch Jet Coating Instrument is one of a series of four instruments developed to enable production of consistent quality and volume of Nanopatches for first-time-human trials.

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  • Needle free drug delivery: A simple applicator enables the array of Nanopatch microprojections to penetrate through the outer layer of the skin to deliver vaccine - no needles are required. Reduced pain of application: Pain is significantly lessened compared to needle and syringe. No cold supply chain - The coating formulations enable ambient temperature stability of the vaccine enabling distribution in emerging markets where cold-chain distribution is problematic or non-existent Improved immunogenicity: Direct delivery of the vaccine to key immune cells enhances immune response or enables effective immune response with fraction of full dose of vaccine Cost effective: designed for high volume low cost mfg.

  • Key features of the instrument include: A turntable fixture to hold the Nanopatch and rotate it at very specific speeds. An aid to assist the manual dispensing of the vaccine unit dose onto the Nanopatch. A controlled gas jet enabling the drying process at predetermined flows and orientation. Exceptional usability to remove the risk of operator initiated error, ease of cleaning, and repeatability of function Designed against Good Manufacturing Practice requirements for aseptic (sterile) manufacturing for use within a Grade A clean room environment. Including sterilisable product surfaces, sterile filtered gas, non-particulate generating and minimal operator intervention.

  • As an industrial technology, the Nanopatch Jet Coating Instrument is primarily designed with function and usability in mind. Its elegant form is driven by user and product needs and requirements, from simplicity and repeatability of operation through to a pure form of easily cleanable surfaces for GMP cleanroom use

  • The performance of the Nanopatch Jet Coating process is defined in terms of Critical Quality Attributes (CQA), Critical Process Parameters (CPP), and Control Strategy in accordance with the guidelines from the ICH Harmonised Tripartite Guideline Q9 Quality Risk Management, ISO 13408-1:2008 Aseptic processing of health care products -- Part 1: General requirements and following the principles of 'Quality by Design'.

    This instrument enables Vaxxas to continue to develop it's world leading technology as it progresses towards human trials of the Nanopatch