GMC Hummer EV

  • 2021

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

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United States of America

The GMC HUMMER EV and GMC HUMMER EV SUV reimagine an iconic silhouette as fully electric supertrucks. Completed in a 15-month design process, and powered by GMs’ new Ultium battery system, they offer capability, luxury, modern design and extreme off-road capability.

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Image: Hummer_001 Photography by General Motors
Image: Hummer_002 Photography by General Motors
Image: Hummer_003 Photography by General Motors
Image: Hummer_004 Photography by General Motors
Image: Hummer_005 Photography by General Motors
Image: Hummer_006 Photography by General Motors
Image: Hummer_007 Photography by General Motors
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  • Reimagine the iconic Hummer silhouette with an ultra-modern design philosophy that exudes strength and purpose. The Design team refocused the Hummer design paradigm into two modern, luxury, fully electric and off-road capable vehicles. The GMC HUMMER EV and HUMMER EV SUV had to have a dramatic sense of scale and unmatched presence. A tech-forward premium statement, but uniquely executed, in a rugged way. The use of new lighting technology on the exterior created an iconic brand signature, and signaled the new tech found inside of these vehicles - demonstrating GMC's commitment to becoming an industry leader for capable, electric vehicles.

  • The design solution was to create an aesthetic that would drive the entire design team to think in a future state. The design mantra became "Off-Road Aerospace." This drove the aesthetic on both the interior and exterior. This single focus and a streamlined decision-making process enabled a faster design development process. Unique lighting solutions, based on micro-cone technology, advanced the light signature and the face of the new GMC HUMMER EV and HUMMER EV SUV. And the vehicles' functional attributes in performance, both on- and off-road, contributed to them becoming successful supertrucks.

  • The introductions of the GMC HUMMER EV and HUMMER EV SUV have been successful. The recognition of GMC's "Quiet Revolution," is helping change the stigma around the Hummer name, reinforcing they are iconic vehicles are fully electric with zero emissions. GMC received record website traffic following the reveals, and the Edition 1 GMC HUMMER EV sold out within 10 minutes. The reveals also reached new and different customers through broad media coverage and social media influencer postings. Further, Factory Zero, where the GMC HUMMER EV family will be built, has garnered positive media coverage as a zero emissions GM plant.

  • Design: Inspired by the moon rover aesthetic, and that "failure is not an option," the team called the GMC HUMMER EV its "Moonshot." The design team had a unique opportunity to create something as instantly recognizable as the Hummer, while challenging everything you know by producing a zero emissions, extreme off-road, electric supertruck. Interior innovations include rubber flooring inspired by high-end Pirelli flooring in Europe featuring changeable inserts. The entire floor is debossed with the Sea of Tranquility evoking the lunar/space theme. Lifestyle: Removable Infinity panels, frunk storage. The open-air experience is enabled by 4 quick-release see-thru panels that are designed to be light-weight, with a magnesium frame and sized to fit in the front storage compartment (frunk). Careful consideration was taken to orient and protect each panel with an accessory foam insert. Branding / Lighting: The front GMC HUMMER EV light signature was key to reimagining the iconic design for an all-electric future look. Micro-cone lighting technology was used to direct light to the individual letters spelling out the HUMMER name. To make more of a statement, and to surprise-and-delight the customer, unique lighting sequences greet the customer upon start-up and during charging