VALO Zenith Gen V Sports Field Light

  • 2022

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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VALO Gagarin Pty Ltd

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VALO is an Australian advanced technology company with its core in ultra high-powered LED lighting. The Zenith Gen V sport field light is VALO’s first product to be designed and manufactured in Australia. VALO’s aim was to create a best-in-class lighting product, suitable for both domestic and export markets.

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  • Whilst LEDs offer significant energy efficiency gains over older light engine technologies, they still generate significant heat. VALO was focussed on designing one of the highest lumen output luminaires, with the smallest front surface area, and the lightest weight. To make the challenge more difficult, we wanted to offer class leading optics to better control spill light and glare. We also wanted to make the installation of our our product to be as easy as possible. Lastly, we wanted to offer a 10 year warranty to the market, and thus our design had to be robust.

  • VALO involved both internal and contract (Australia) design and mechanical engineers to go back to first principles in regards to thermal and light management. We relied heavily on simulation tools to review and validate our designs in a virtual space, reducing the need for costly prototypes. Our final design utilises materials that can be easily recycled, but also materials that can survive in the toughest of climates. In regards to our optics, we have met our objective to deliver class leading power, but with exceptional control, reducing waste light. Lastly, we're confident we are cost competitive against market leaders.

  • The Zenith Gen 5 sports luminaire will deliver a more uniform light and more overall light to sports grounds, whilst reducing waste-light and glare outside the target area, than other luminaires on the market. When replacing previous generation metal halide light technology, it will reduce power consumption, and not require replacement for at least 10 years. Zenith makes public spaces, like parks and sporting ovals more accessible and safer for more people, for more hours in every day, whilst reducing nuisance light for neighbours. VALO's Zenith Gen 5 is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.

  • - 1500W of power (class leading) - Over 200,000 luminous flux - Class leading minimal surface-area - 24kg (lightest in class) - IP66 rated to protect against water and dust ingress - Windload rating to over 200km/h - Rated for hail-stone damage - 20 year Defence Industry rated powder-coating - high performance focussed optics, ensuring light is controlled - 10 year warranty - Internal wiring harness design protects from bird damage