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  • 2019

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Dolphin series of vacuum flask was initially designed to encourage people to protect our environment by using tumbler, instead of plastic, cups. From stopping buying bottled water to bringing your own cup, each act of green by groups or individuals brings us closer to a more sustainable future.

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  • Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, whales, and other marine mammals die each year from ocean pollution and ingestion or entanglement in marine debris. Common marine debris items includes things like cans, plastic bags and bottles. To call for more people’s attentions on protecting ocean environment, we created Dolphin series of vacuum flasks that provides people with multiple drinking options, and encourages people to stop using single use cups in order to save our earth.

  • It is known that modern fishing and ocean pollution threaten ocean animals’ lives. Dolphins, as one of human’s best friends, is used as the design language of our series. This series is divided into 3 groups - Dolphin for Tea, Dolphin for Easy Drink and Dolphin for Fun. We design it based on the smooth bodyline of dolphin, which give users a nice touch. Each group has 2 capacities of 350ml & 450ml that satisfy the use in varied occasions. Moreover, the bright and beautiful Macarons colour, and the different but useful functions make people more willing to carry it out.

  • Environmental Impact: An eco-friendly, user-friendly and fashionable vacuum flask give people a better choice to carry it out, instead of using single use cups, which reduce the usage of plastic that can protect our ocean lives. Social & Commercial Impact: Our adorable and attractive color, and the super thermal performance make consumers more likely to choose our product. The three different functions also provide customers a variety of flask choice.

  • Dolphin series is designed for bringing different user experience, like tea maker, one hand open/close, and car friendly, etc. Dolphin for Tea is designed with a satin tea strainer that small elegant holes distribute evenly on it. Everywhere you carry it, an enjoyable tea moment just starts. Dolphin for Easy Drink carries a smart drinking stopper which is easy to open and close by one hand. It can also be unscrewed for easily and completely cleaning. Dolphin for Fun is specially created for mom & kid. The lovely ball handle connects kids with fun - funny cup makes funny drinking. Dolphin for Fun is going to bring you a wonderful user experience when out. We put it into the flask perfectly. It's believed when you are holding it on hand, you are holding a water elf, with a funny soul.