V-ZUG Adora SLWP Heat-Pump Dishwasher

  • 2016

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    Domestic Appliances

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V-ZUG’s Adora SLWP Heat-Pump Dishwasher is the world’s first and only dishwasher with heat-pump technology, enabling impressive energy savings of roughly 50% compared with conventional technology.

The Adora SLWP Heat-Pump Dishwasher is has a 6 star energy rating, and 5 star water rating.

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  • Equipped with world exclusive SteamFinish, which was introduced in 2012, the Adora SLWP Heat-Pump Dishwasher cleans glasses, cutlery, and plates with pure steam, ensuring measurable, spot free cleanliness and sparkling shine. This means all traces of rinse aid are removed so whisky, red wine, and any other fine beverages you drink won't be affected by the rinse aid taste. This sparkling result has been confirmed by Labor Veritas - an independent test lab.

  • The Adora SLWP Heat-Pump Dishwasher's adjustable height top basket has 3 racks, a row for glasses, a row of folding pins, 4 folding glass supports, a Vario cutlery basket insert, and a small cutlery basket. In the lower rack there are 4 rows of folding pins, a MultiFlex zone, large cutlery basket, and a basket handle. The height adjustable top basket can be moved into seven different positions in just one simple step. This means, for example, you can put large plates underneath and tall glasses on top. The Vario cutlery basket insert easily holds items such as ladles, wooden spoons, whisks, spatulas and long meat knives. In total the Adora SLWP Heat-Pump Dishwasher holds 13 place settings.

  • With LED lighting there's no need to turn on the kitchen light just to put a glass in the dishwasher, making it easier to fill and empty.

  • V-ZUG dishwashers cut a good figure in any kitchen, being fully integrated the Adora SLWP Heat-Pump Dishwasher suits any kitchen design.