DroneGun Mk4 Drone-Defeat Pistol

  • 2023

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

DroneShield Limited

Designed In:


Pistol-shaped DroneGun Mk4, designed for military and law-enforcement use, reliably defeats rogue drones with point-and-shoot simplicity. It instantly neutralises individual or swarming drones up to 1 km with Radio Frequency (RF) jamming, severing their control, video, and satellite navigation links.

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  • While DroneGun Mk4 looks like an iteration of the predecessor DroneGun Mk3, it is not. DroneShield returned to the drawing board, incorporating real-world end-user feedback and reimagining the DroneGun for the grave-and-growing drone threat. The new design needed to increase ruggedness and ingress protection, introduce field-serviceable parts and modularity to leverage Australian manufacturing, and enhance ergonomics—plus increase performance and protect sensitive RF electronics and antennas. Achieving these goals while maintaining the continuity of the usability and iconic look of its predecessor DroneGun Mk3 presented a complex challenge.

  • The design’s foundations are modularity and optimisation of sealing surfaces. RF components and antennas, designed by DroneShield engineers in conjunction with the Sydney-based industrial design team, achieved up to a 200% increase in five relevant frequency ranges. This collaboration delivered a final design with out-of-the-box thinking, simplicity, and enhanced manufacturability. For example, extensive prototyping of hand positioning and balance refined the ergonomics, and a new pistol trigger leveraged simple mechanical principles to achieve the desired “heavy to pull, light to hold” feel. The result? A significant leap forward from its predecessor, DroneGun Mk3.

  • The global threat from rogue drones includes airport disruption, prison contraband delivery, assaults with dangerous payloads, and attacks on defence forces either directly or by spotting for indirect fire. DroneGun Mk4, designed and manufactured with sovereign Australian capabilities, provides a world-best ability to defeat these threats—protecting civilians, critical infrastructure, events, and security and military personnel and facilities. DroneGun Mk4 leverages form to communicate an abstract idea to the untrained end-user, enabling them to defeat drones within minutes of first handling the product. DroneGun Mk4’s enhanced performance leads the industry, providing unparalleled drone-defeat protection in a point-and-shoot form factor.

  • Many critical DroneGun Mk4 design elements can’t be seen. Designing and manufacturing a high-powered yet small-form-factor RF-transmitting device requires threading a needle to balance performance (power), thermal management, and battery capacity. DroneShield’s Sydney-based Subject-Matter Experts (SME) bring these world-class R&D capabilities, from antenna design to power optimisation. The breadth and depth of our SME skillsets combine in the DroneGun Mk4, delivering a product truly unmatched globally. DroneGun Mk4 also includes breakthrough improvements to RF disruption with the addition of advanced waveforms, increasing disruption effectiveness without a corresponding increase in power consumption.