trio teether

  • 2021

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • for kids design team
  • Meyanne Chiam
  • Lisa Edlund Tjernberg

Commissioned By: for kids

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The trio teether combines three teethers on one handy ring to cater to every baby age and developmental stage. The Australian designed product offers a variety of materials, shapes and textures that can be customised for ergonomics and ease of use.

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  • A new product category for, we set out to understand the unique needs of teething baby and parents/carers. Our research showed preference for variety in designs and materials, that safely accommodate the needs, ages and stages of the teething journey. We noticed competing teethers didn't support the various ages/stages of the teething journey, despite multiple components within the teether. Our challenge was to design an aid that offered choice for baby, was modular and multi-functional, suitable for the teething journey rather than a single age/stage, supportive of the inquisitive nature of children, and attractive to babies and parents/carers alike.

  • Our trio teether is modular and multi-sensory. It offers the choice of 100% food grade silicone hardness (soft and medium), and beechwood (firm) to soothe sore gums. Removable ring gives parents/carers flexibility to choose the size/weight of the teether to accommodate growing baby, as well as baby's preference of material/hardness. Ergonomically designed so baby can easily handle one or all teethers. Ring can be used conveniently to attach teether to a bag, pram or other. Multiple teethers, shapes and textures support overall teething journey, whilst providing tactile surfaces that stimulate sensory development and noises that encourage discovery and cognitive development.

  • Our trio teether is a teething aid and a sensory toy, providing physical relief and emotional comfort to babies throughout their teething journey. The modular design allows customisation for targeted relief. The various materials, shapes and textures can be suited to baby's age and teething stage whilst encouraging motor-skill development, auditory development, shape exploration and hand-eye coordination to effectively learn through play. Our trio teether is durable and easy to clean. PP and silicone components can be sterilised for upmost hygiene. Beechwood is sourced from FSC certified forests and naturally anti-bacterial to protect babies growing immune system.

  • The modular design lets parents/carers customise, and the teethers each offer baby a unique experience for targeted relief and continuous exploration. The hardness, shape and texture of each teether has been considered to cover every stage of the teething journey. The soft silicone teether caters to early stages of teething, with a softer feel and subtle features accessible to front teeth/gums. The medium silicone teether features slightly coarser textures and longer features to reach middle areas. The beechwood teether offers firm pressure with protruding features to comfortably reach the back of the mouth. The design intuitively supports children to hold/ use key features and textures of each teether, for optimal relief. As a set, the ring is slim and easy to grasp and rattle for teething relief and sensory stimulation. Made from high quality materials, the trio teether is durable and safe. The silicone and PP components can be washed, sterilised, steamed and boiled making care for parents simple. The beechwood teether is naturally anti-bacterial therefore only requires handwashing. The teether can be used safely around the home, including in the bath, and when out-and-about. The ring easily attaches the trio teether to a bag, pram or other.