TOO D Magnetic Art

  • 2020

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • Thomas Gouws
  • Sureen Gouws

Commissioned By:

Thomas Gouws

Sureen Gouws

Designed In:


TOO D Magnetic Art is an interactive art system, consisting of a powder-coated steel board as your canvas and kits of magnetic geometric shapes as your brush and paint. It allows you to create your own compositions and change it as often as you want.

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Image: Thomas Gouws
Image: Thomas Gouws
Image: Thomas Gouws
Image: Thomas Gouws
Image: Thomas Gouws
Image: Thomas Gouws
Image: Lauren Bamford
  • MORE
  • As residential architects designing our clients interiors we constantly searched for modern geometric art, but usually struggled to find it in the right colour schemes, compositions, or at affordable prices. That sparked the idea of creating a customisable art system where you can change your artwork to your liking and colour preferences

  • Consisting of framed powder-coated steel boards to which kits of magnetic geometric shapes can be applied, TOO D Magnetic Art allows users to create their own unique compositions. They can combine different kit colours, creating their own personalised colour schemes.

  • By including the user in the design process, TOO D Magnetic Art invites everyone to be creative. Release your inner creativity, self-expression, accomplishment, and stress'.

  • The modular canvas sizes allows for the creating of larger scaled artworks in various configurations, making it a practical option for a multitude of applications and environments. Standard kits can be extended by adding on additional shapes and colours. Future re-decorating are made easy by changing a couple of coloured kit pieces to adjust to a new colour scheme instead of changing whole artworks, making it a good longterm investment.