Adjusta-Fit Security Door

  • 2022

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • (John) Russell Watts
  • Rod Stils

Commissioned By:

(John) Russell Watts

Andrew Molnar

Designed In:


The Adjusta-Fit residential security door is a door which can be adjusted by Alan Key to change height, width, and shape. This enables the door to be properly fitted in different sized doorways. The common practice of pre-measuring and manufacturing special doors being replaced by buying an off-the-shelf Adjusta-Fit door.

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  • Most security doors are custom manufactured to suit particular doorway. An installer will take measurements of the doorway and return later to fit the door. This requires excess travel time and delay, and the accuracy of fit is dependent on correct measurement and cutting. Standardized doors are currently offered by retailers but these often require time-consuming modifications to door openings. The brief was to develop a door that complies with AS5039-2008 that can be adjusted to suit common openings so enabling doors to be stocked by re-sellers, sold and subsequently fitted and adjusted to obtain "perfect" fits ensuring maximum security.

  • Each Adjusta-Fit door includes a outer rectangular frame and an internal mesh; the frame supports the mesh while the mesh restrains the frame from skewing while enabling the frame sides to be angled relative to the mesh. Allen Keys can be inserted into the door corners and rotated for adjustment. This allows the door to be increased in height and width by 50mm, and adjusted to produce an 'out of square' door for circumstances where a door frame may also not be quite square. The functionality was achieved while implementing structural features to ensure the door meets security parameters.

  • There are considerable time savings for builders and home owners in simply being able to buy and fit /adjust a security door. Further Adjusta-Fit doors provide benefit to those afflicted by floods, fires and violent attacks - they can be simply bought and immediately fitted; they could also be available in remote areas, small towns and pacific islands not services by door makers. The manufacture of "standardized" doors (as opposed to customized doors) results in better and more consistent quality, reduced travel and energy costs and less material wastage.

  • Critical issues (of many) that needed to be satisfied were: a) the need to securely retain the mesh in a rigid frame while enabling the size of the door to be changed b) to provide a frame that although adaptable is resistant to attack and meets the strength and performance tests requirements of AS5039-2008 c) to provide an easy-to-use mechanism to make the door change shape d) most Security Doors have razor-sharp corners that can cut feet and legs so we sought to design smooth corner covers but importantly ones that that did not protrude from the door edge.