TomTom Spark Music GPS fitness watch

  • 2016

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • therefore Limited
  • Martin Riddiford
  • Jonathan Chan
  • Dominic Tooze

Commissioned By:

TomTom International

Designed In:

United Kingdom

TomTom Spark is an all-new music GPS sports and fitness watch. This easy to use, all-in-one wireless music player motivates training sessions, allowing users to listen to music during workouts with remotely controlled Bluetooth headphones, without the need for cables or phones.

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  • Up to 70% of people are more motivated when working-out with music. The challenge we saw was: How do we help everyday athletes exercise with music without having to carry around uncomfortable devices and wires? With the TomTom Spark we have solved this issue. People can now exercise without having to wear an uncomfortable armband to carry their phone and therefore can leave their (expensive) phone at home. Also, as per previous designs, people can now measure their heart rate without the need for uncomfortable heart-rate monitor straps and train in different heart-rate zones to optimise their training.

  • This feature rich technology product helps users aspire, achieve and be entertained. The lightweight and compact unit is water resistant to 5ATM (40m) and its modular design clips in and out of accessory straps with ease. It is a visually sophisticated wearable device in a compact package that is ergonomically and technically superior, yet electronically complex. The design conveys its quality, precision, comfort, reliability, uniqueness and raises the desirability quotient to 'must have' status in consumers' minds. We aim to create consumers' desire for ownership. Modularity is key, appealing to users who want to make more than one statement with their watch through accessory straps to suit lifestyle needs.

  • TomTom Spark is one of the first sports watches with a built-in music player. Moreover, it has 24/7 activity tracking, sleep tracking, as well as indoor training - in a slimmer form and up to 37% lighter than previous models. As with previous models, the watch has a multidirectional “one button” control and a built-in optical heart rate monitor (HRM) that tracks heart metrics without the need for a chest strap. The multi-sport mode allows users to track indoor and outdoor sporting activities: running, cycling, swimming, treadmill, indoor cycling, gym workouts. Two different strap sizes have been created to fit any wrist: - Large: fits 99% male and 70% female - Small: fits 99% female and 50% male

  • Getting insights in sports performance helps everyday athletes improve their physical condition. Providing an easy-to-use, comfortable device with the ability to play music can help motivate people to move and improve fitness - even for those who don't consider themselves “athletes.” The built-in 24/7 activity tracker stimulates people to walk more and it automatically monitors sleep, enabling people to set goals and improve their quality of life. This encourages a greater connection and a long-term association with the device due to a variety of features and options. Motivating everyone to move more, whether they be a budding marathoner or a new jogger benefits the greater good by creating a healthier society.

    The development team is extremely proud of the collaborative approach used to meet our consumers' needs: We found that most runners enjoy running with music because it motivates them, but they find it a hassle to carry an expensive smartphone or wear an MP3 player with an uncomfortable strap. This insight drove collaboration between Marketing, Product, Design, Engineering and User Experience teams to solve the tension. We're proud of the lighter, sleeker GPS sports watch we have created. We believe the Spark watch has enhanced TomTom's brand reputation as it shows that we listen to our customers' concerns and this helped us deliver an innovative consumer fitness solution.