Night Mode – LEGO(R) Lighting System

  • 2023

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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Light My Bricks

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Night Mode is a sophisticated lighting system, catered towards LEGO® enthusiasts. The system has been designed to deliver an elegant and user-friendly experience that enables fans to add a heightened level of realism to their collection via an assortment of luminous effects, ranging from flickering flames to pulsing lasers.

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  • Light My Bricks (LMB) already had a lighting range targeting the engaged Maker market segment, and wanted to develop a totally new illumination solution for sophisticated consumers investing in premium sets including LEGO® Architecture, Star Wars and Technic ranges. The aim was to launch a range with the same level of quality, durability, usability and refinement as LEGO®. Night Mode endeavoured to offer broader and more realistic lighting effects, with greater flexibility and integration with LEGO®. Making the product aesthetically refined, inconspicuous and versatile was important. Making the product simple and intuitive was going to be critical to success.

  • Night Mode’s backbone is the innovative Astro light and Belt. Traditional systems use a pair of thick wires soldered to an electrical connector at one end and a rigid LED and PCB to the other. The Astro Light features an ultra-thin flexible PCB. One end is an unique exposed track forming the connector. At the other end, the LED mounts directly to the track. The result is a simple, miniaturised, integrated, and reliable component. Combined with a bespoke range of docks, cable managers, battery pack, effects selector, light pipes and connectors, Night Mode is a versatile, scalable and inconspicuous system.

  • A design-led approach to Light My Brick’s Night Mode development has resulted in a more innovative, sophisticated and refined product than otherwise possible. Night Mode is the first illumination system that delivers usability, versatility, seamless integration and quality standard on par with LEGO®, which has resulted in positive customer feedback and loyalty. From a sustainability perspective, Night Mode lets users experience a new element of interaction and joy from the LEGO® sets they already own, as well as the ones they are yet to create. Delivering longevity, reconfigurability, product support, and sustainable packaging, Night Mode sets a new industry standard.

  • The unique narrow and thin form factor of the Astro Lights and Belts enable them to fit below and between bricks, making the system retro-fit to any LEGO® set easily and seamlessly. The Flux Pack portable battery pack provides many hours of power supply and enables easy dimming of Night Mode lighting at the touch of a button. Alternatively, the USB belt can be plugged into any USB power supply for unlimited power. The FX Spectrum is an ultra-compact controller enabling access to 24 diverse lighting effects by pressing and scrolling the dial. The Flux Plate is a novel contact plug that lets you plug and unplug power between sections of a set, without disassembling any cabling. Meteor Lights provide powerful diffused illumination, and Flare Lights offer a dramatic bendable neon tube effect. Rounded off with a series of plug-n-play dock connectors, Tether bricks, Eclipse cable manager and even an Astro street lamp, there’s no limit to the illuminating possibilities. Online step-by-step visual instructions are available for every Night Mode component and pre-set kit. Each kit ships in plastic-free FSC-certified paper-based packaging. Kits are backed by a 60 day return policy, and replacement parts are available for peace of mind.