Tomorrow Finance Rebrand

  • 2017

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

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Tomorrow Finance

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Tomorrow Finance is a technology business, 
rather than a financial services business. The new branding reflects an essence of ‘Real-Time Connectors’ and feels seamless and vibrant. We developed 3 levels of brand structure and messaging, targeting banks, diverse referral partner profiles and consumers. We developed a customer journey,created the support tools.

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  • Our task was to develop consistency in positioning, perception and messaging as the business grows in customer base, business to business, business to consumer, employees and affiliates. Our strategy work includes resolving brand personality, brand essence, brand architecture, brand messaging resulting in a frictionless and fun 'challenger brand'.

  • We redesigned the logo to behave like a technology brand in the finance space and reflect the proposition, 'Compare Today, Save Tomorrow'. The design system required a fresh, user friendly, warm look and feel. Including corporate and consumer photography, clean and modern typography and icon suite, illustrations for internal employee engagement and consumer campaigns.

  • By understanding deeply held motivations and barriers to purchase, we aligned the sales training, presentations, product collateral and purchase tools with the customers' view of the world - and made it simpler. Since implementation of the BDM tool kit in August 2015, employee numbers have grown from 15 to 30, settled loans have increased to in excess of $6 billion, and customer numbers have doubled from 50,000 
to over 100,000.

  • Creating relevant infographic solutions for the business marketing needs - perfect for training, launching, explaining and inspiring.