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In a noisy world, ThinkingQuietly’s range of acoustic furniture offers peaceful respite. Consulting acoustic engineers as part of the design process, advanced acoustic materials were chosen to create a balanced sound environment, while a stylish retro design fits perfectly in the modern office. Peace at last, time to get thinking.

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  • As workstations become increasingly open plan, the workplace has become noisier than ever. Empowering users to regain their focus and work more productively in noisy environments, was our key reason for developing ThinkingQuietly. Our goal was to go straight to the root of the problem; the workstation. While we understand there is a need for quiet zone areas, this is merely a temporary fix – a band-aid solution to the challenges of a noisy workplace. The brief was simple: develop a modern, open plan workstation that has interior design appeal and allows users to regain their long-lost focus within the office.

  • Although felt-based PET material has been used for office furniture since 2005, we were confident it could be used more effectively to enhance acoustic privacy. While developing ThinkingQuietly, we conducted numerous tests and concluded that if the right amount of PET was used, placed in the right positions, we could achieve significantly better acoustic performance. We looked at using PET for screens, work surfaces, accessories and even cable trays. The use of the PET also added a sense of warmth to the products, we embraced this warmth further by using Oak timber as a key material of the product range.

  • We researched the development of an open plan workstation that helps minimise noise reverberation and provides better acoustic performance than typical workstations currently available in the market. Through this research and consulting with acoustic engineers in the design process we have been able to improve acoustic privacy by as much as 44% compared to a regular open plan workstation. The ThinkingQuietly range achieves exactly what it was designed to do; it enables users to work more productively, in comfort, without the distractions of a noisy office environment. In a noisy world, ThinkingWorks offers the space to think quietly.

  • The ThinkingQuietly workstation uses die cast aluminium leg adaptors connected to steel rails - this provides ample stability and allows a robust platform for the workstation fittings to affix to, while the PET Cable Tray provides a high finish detail to the workstation. The leg joiners enable a timber fascia to be fitted at the ends of the workstation. This covers the ends of the PET cable tray, which can be opened by releasing toggle latches to provide easy access for electricians, data technicians, and workstation users when they need to change power and data requirements. The Umbrella Canopy manufactured from timber, aluminium and PE - is designed to capture sound as it naturally travels upwards. The PET material is formed using “kerf” cutting patterns, which allows the material to bend to the required shape. The leading edge of the Umbrella houses optional LED lighting to provide an adequate light source for each user. The Retro Brief Screen is Designed as an interpersonal screen that can house personal items and can be carried with the user to the next meeting or workplace, while also being used as a portable charging station for laptops and phones.