Forcite MK1S

  • 2022

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Commissioned By:

Alfred Boyadgis

Designed In:


Following his accident, Alfred Boyadgis partnered with Julian Chow to radically improve the design of motorcycle helmets. One that no longer required bulky clip-on cameras or headsets and could alert riders of upcoming dangers. The MK1S provides a safe riding experience with integrated smarts, inbuilt camera, audio, and rider-alert system.

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Image: Maria Boyadgis
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  • Other smart helmets have often been designed tech first, and failed to really achieve what motorcycle enthusiast are wanting. After launching the Forcite MK1, the design team looked to what improvements they could make on the Forcite motorcycle helmet. With 1400 riders using the MK1, the team sourced feedback from this group, called Forcite Helmet Test Pilots, on what elements real riders wanted to change. This broad collaborative approach to research and design is unique to motorcycle helmets and has created a deep and meaningful engagement with the Australian motorcycle community.

  • Our design engineers used this info to craft more luxurious padding to reduce road noise, high-end speakers to improve audio quality on calls and music and to improve camera quality in the Forcite MK1S so that riders can capture and share every exciting moment out on the road. Our rider alert system and peripheral LED display is even more dialled into real time road conditions with a new predictive mapping algorithm, helping riders keep themselves safe.

  • The Forcite MK1 and MK1S are the world's first ECE approved smart helmets on the road. With collaborative R&D at the heart of the design motorcyclists are loving them. The MK1S sold out of its first build slot of 200 helmets in three hours upon opening. We have 14,000 riders on our EOI list, 40% of which are from overseas. Forcite technology has the capacity to integrate with smart cities and autonomous cars, in so doing, creating a safer road environment for all users.

  • The helmet The Forcite MK1S is the lightest smart helmet on the market at only 1500g (sm) and the patented technology is stylishly housed within a hand-laid carbon fibre shell. The helmet has received ECE 22.05 and DOT certification and is one of the only street-legal smart helmets available. Born in the fire of an Australian summer, ventilation is provided by an eight-vent system with optimised channel airflow which keeps the rider cool whatever the conditions. Forcite Aftercare Following an accident, or even a dropped helmet, Forcite owners can send their helmet to have the shell replaced and the tech components salvaged. All electronics will be checked by the Forcite team and any that are damaged will be replaced at no cost. Forcite owners only have to pay for the replacement helmet shell. Visor The Forcite MK1S visor now includes the Pinlock Max Vision 120. The Pinlock visor insert is made out of a material that contains moisture absorbing properties, which reacts like a sponge and absorbs moisture effectively, keeping the visor clear. Along with Pinlock, a quick-release mechanism and locking switch for high-speed use are also included. In addition, an internal sun visor keeps out the glare at UV400.