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Thermomix is Australia’s most sought after kitchen appliance. Featuring 40 years of German engineering, its ergonomic design makes it easy for every member of the family to take their cooking to the next level. Recently launched into the Australian market, the new model Thermomix is the result of over 10 years of research and development. It delivers straightforward operation, clear design, technical innovation and cooking at your fingertips. Thermomix features digital innovations such as accompanying recipe chips, colour touch screen and a Guided Cooking function. Performing 12 functions with one bowl and knife, Thermomix can stir, mix, blend, chop, cook, steam, weigh, grind, knead, whisk, simmer and emulsify.

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  • Thermomix brings together 12 different functions in one compact unit. The ergonomic design means anyone can master it, from young children just starting out to experienced cooks. The Thermomix is designed to sit on the bench and be used daily. The size and weight of the Thermomix make it easily mobile and ideal for kitchens of every size.

  • Thermomix performs 12 functions with one bowl and one knife/blade. Thermomix provides customers with 3 ways in which to cook. The manual option allows customers to follow instructions from a book and select the time, temp and speed as they go. The Guided Cooking function enables the user to cook delicious dishes by following simple step-by-step on screen instructions with prompts provided by a recipe chip. Once attached to the appliance, the recipes on the chip are shown on the display, complete with nutritional information. Using the touchscreen, users can browse through a multitude of recipes. The automatic option is one step cooking, just add the ingredients and the Thermomix cooks the recipe for you.

  • Thermomix has a number of in-built safety features which make it user friendly for the whole family. It has electronic motor protection which prevents the motor from overloading and includes an automatic cut out and the mixing bowl lid is secured by an automatic lid locking mechanism, meaning it will not function if the lid is not properly locked. The Thermomix spatula has a safety shield which prevents it from making contact with the blades when the spatula is inserted through the hole in the mixing bowl lid. A beeping tone will sound at the end of the set cooking time to alert you that cooking is done and children or unauthorised users can be stopped from turning on the Thermomix by a four-digit safety code.

  • Thermomix saves time, space and money. It is efficient in its day to day use, one bowl cooking means there are less pots required and therefore a decrease in water usage when washing up. Thermomix has an advanced heating system that cooks with minimised energy consumption, making it more efficient and energy friendly. It saves money by allowing owners to cut down their grocery bills by swapping expensive pre-packaged items for whole foods and pantry staples. It allows owners to grind their own spices, mill their own flours, make their own butter and more. With Thermomix, preparation time is cut from minutes to seconds and the gentle cooking method ensures that the flavours, vitamins and minerals are locked in.

    A product of German design and engineering, the new model Thermomix is the fifth evolution of the appliance since it launched in 1980. Over 10 years of research and development has gone into the new model to ensure the quality of the product is maintained with the new developments and innovations. Thermomix is made using high quality synthetic material and stainless steel. The motor is maintenance-free and delivers speeds up to 250km per hour. The mixing bowl is 2.2 litres and made of stainless steel, with a heating system and temperature sensor integrated. The Thermomix also has an in built scale that allows an accuracy of 5g throughout the whole weighing range up to 3,000g per weighing step.

    Thermomix presents a fantastic return on investment for owners who take full advantage of its functions. By purchasing a Thermomix it eliminates the need for 10 other kitchen appliances, saving not only money but also space in the kitchen. Thermomix is designed to be used every day, from breakfast through to dinner. By creating ingredients and pantry staples from scratch, Thermomix allows owners to save money and provide the family with healthy food rich with nutrients and vitamins. Thermomix gives back control over what goes into food, making it easier to eliminate artificial colours and flavours and better manage allergies and intolerances.

    The new model Thermomix features digital technology in a new and clever way. The touch screen, recipe chips and Guided Cooking function allows for intelligent cooking that is easy and convenient. With the new Thermomix, the future of cooking is digital. User-friendly recipe chips are the new cookbooks, transforming the way users cook with Thermomix. The Thermomix does all the hard work on its own, including pre-set time and temperature for each step whilst also providing nutritional information for each recipe. Simple step-by-step on screen instructions give the user precise control at their fingertips, all the features of the Thermomix can be accessed via the touch screen and one selector dial.