The Seabin Project

  • 2016

  • Social Impact

Designed By:

  • Pete Ceglinski
  • Andrew Turton

Commissioned By:

Seabin Pty Ltd

Designed In:


Seabin Project is an automated rubbish bin for the water in marinas and commercial docks. Seabin project includes an educational program for local schools, sports clubs and social groups to interact with Seabins. The real solution for us is education.

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  • The Seabin project is an automated rubbish bin that is installed in the water and strategically situated in problematic areas of marinas to catch all floating pollution including oils and fuels. The Seabin V5 has been developed to fit fixed and floating docks and we are investigating alternative power methods for the 24 volt water pump we are trialing now. Our manufacturer has factories on three continents which will be cutting down on logistics and lowering the Seabins carbon footprint. Parallel with the product we are drafting a program to be included in the sale of each Seabin to have local schools interacting with the Seabins. This is the real solution. Education.