The Original Funky Monkey Bar

  • 2017

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Funky Monkey Bars

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The Original Funky Monkey Bar is the worlds first free-standing, height adjustable, fully modular monkey bar designed and manufactured in Western Australia. The modular nature of the Original makes it the perfect starting point and allows young families to add a multitude of accessories to keep kids outside, active and healthy.

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  • The Original Funky Monkey Bar is the first free-standing monkey bar design in the world. There is no need to dig holes, set levels and pour concrete like all other backyard monkey bar kits. The design of the twilry whilry bar is what allows a Funky Monkey Bar to be free standing. These twirly whirly bars act like out-riggers or stabilizing bars and stop the monkey bar from toppling over. They are also fun for kids who use them to twirl around on and pull themselves up. Easily assemble the Original on grass and peg it down with a galvanized peg the Original has been engineered to be completely self supporting and solid. With a load rating of 580kgs the Original Funky Monkey Bar is designed for kids and adults.

  • Traditional monkey bars in a school or commercial setting are always the one height, usually very high. This might be considered fun for some kids but unfortunately most playground accidents and injuries come from kids falling from too high a height. The Original Funky Monkey Bar is the first height adjustable monkey bar design in the world. When the kids are young set the height at a level which encourages them to take risks and learn but knowing that if they fall they will not hurt themselves. As the kids grow in strength, confidence and height you can increase the height up to a maximum of 2.3m. At this height kids will not outgrow the Original, making it a sound investment in kids health and well-being.

  • The Original Funky Monkey Bar is the entry point frame within the Funky Monkey Bar range. A customer with the Original can add to and customise the frame to a level which is only limited to the size of their backyard, budget and imagination. Modular accessories such as swings, trapezes, dip bars, gym bars, cargo nets, flying foxes and netball hoops can be added as modular additions to the Original frame. All accessories are interchangeable with one another and are designed specifically to getting kids outside being active, taking calculated risks and having fun.

  • The Original Funky Monkey Bar is designed to be easily installed by the customer with some of our customers comparing our brand to "IKEA for backyard playground equipment". The Original Funky Monkey Bar comes flat packed, with full instructions both in print and on-line videos and all the tools (two allen keys) to easily assemble and install in the backyard - just add a little muscle - you do not have to be professional tradesman to install our product!

    The Original Funky Monkey Bar is designed and manufactured to the Australian Safety Standard AS4685.1 - 2014 and has a load rating from a certified structural engineer of 580kgs. The Original is made from Australian steel. The galvanised steel pipe is medium weight and once powder coated using dulux outdoor powder coat paint is rust proof and completely weather resistant. All connections, bolts and screws are stainless steel to ensure that the Original Funky Monkey Bar will last for generations and always look great.