• 2020

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    Medical and Scientific

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  • 4design
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Headsafe’s NUROCHEK system is a portable device set to revolutionise the assessment of brain health. A world first device offering on-demand objective assessment, practitioners will now have long-term data and baselines to assess brain health including injuries such as concussion and illness including dementia, PTSD within two minutes.

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  • Leveraging clinical research traditionally confined to ophthalmology clinics and hospitals, the design challenge was to embody Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) technology into a portable device for on-demand scanning and immediate analysis. The device had to be comfortable and work reliably across a range of head sizes from teenage children through to professional sports people. The Nurochek device needed to house technology which produces a visually evoked potential stimulus, EEG sensors capture the brain's response and wirelessly transmit data from the headset to a smartphone for real-time analysis and storage in the cloud for future review by medical practitioners.

  • The Nurochek system is a comfortable, lightweight device allowing the medical practitioner a quick and easy way to objectively assess brain health, requiring only a single button push to run the test. IP rated and impact resistant to ensure consistent data capture in challenging conditions such as the sidelines of sports fields and in the emergency services environment, it is designed to be reliably cleaned. The partner app guides you through headset positioning, ensuring correct fitting on the patient prior to running the test. The visor cushion allows the test to be run anywhere, not just indoors – a world first.

  • The Nurochek system has significant social impact as it reduces the guesswork and ambiguous testing surrounding brain health, in particular concussion. Traditional concussion testing and other neurological assessments have the potential to be ‘gamed’. Nurochek provides objective data which can be readily compared to historical snapshots for each user. A cost-effective, mobile assessment tool, allowing rapid assessment and easy to interpret results, it has the potential to avoid expensive and time-consuming clinic tests and removes subjectivity. The Nurochek system is a multi-use and cleanable device which has been designed with longevity in mind.

  • • Bluetooth connectivity • IP sealed to ensure safe use in wet weather conditions • Smooth finishing and surfacing to minimise dirt accumulation • Hygienic, impenetrable seal designed to be easily cleaned – (multiple user device) • Cloud storage and integrated app allows practitioners easy access to baseline readings • Easy to use, single button operation • Easily adjustable and comfortable for a wide range of ages, from adolescents to mature sportspeople • Integrated USB-C Charging • Intelligent safety design – it can’t be charged and worn at the same time • Wide range of manufacturing techniques – broad spectrum to maximise production efficiency and supply chain • High efficiency, one charge will run 60 tests • Straps are replaceable • Encrypted and secure cloud storage • Track brain health and progress across a time period, for example over a season of sport or several years of development • Stored at a central, privacy-compliant database for reliable data processing • Minimal user training required, clear and easy to follow step- by- step instructions on an app facilitating reliable testing