The Hospital Research Foundation Group

  • 2022

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Designed By:

  • Georgie Woods
  • Kristy Ford
  • David Thomas
  • Paul Spencer
  • Lee Karolczak

Commissioned By:

The Hospital Research Foundation Group

Designed In:


The Hospital Research Foundation Group supports world-leading medical advancements and improved patient care through funding and advocacy of research projects. The project launched 8 new websites to establish a leading digital presence and increase engagement amongst their target audiences.

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  • To design a series of websites that offers a contemporary experience, promotes the mission of the organisation and communicates awareness of its impact, and establishes a platform for growth. Allowing each individual brand to retain its integrity while existing within the overall design system.

  • We created a design system for the suite of websites that would allow for flexibility while also maintaining the integrity of the brand and communication. The websites have been designed to engage the audience, promoting impact and building an emotional connection while allowing for an easy user experience.

  • The websites have lifted awareness, realised The Hospital Research Group as a digital forward organisation, and increased engagement and conversion from visitors.

  • – 8 websites with a modular design system that allows for continual growth – Bespoke donation platform and user journeys, integrated with back-end systems – Ability to manage content and user access across websites, including custom editorial rights and approvals