The Cut Page – DaVinci Resolve 16


Using DaVinci Resolve you can organise, edit video, colour grade, mix audio and add special effects. The purpose of the Cut Page was to rethink existing tools and methodologies in the current software to create a faster, more intelligent editing experience that is easy to understand, learn and explore.

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  • Our goal was to provide video creators with a fast editing solution that allows them to quickly cut a video together and instantaneously publish it on platforms like YouTube and other social networks. We wanted to make it faster to produce content without simplifying the capabilities of the software. The Cut page needed to include a set a powerful set of tools that didn't overwhelm the new user base. The high level goals: • Faster more intelligent ways to edit videos. • Identify areas where we can innovate, rethink existing tools and methodologies. • Give new users a platform to learn and explore.

  • In recent years the demand for video content has grown enormously. YouTube channels, streaming platforms, and social media means that there is a whole new generation of creators who need to deliver content fast! Because of this high demand, DaVinci Resolve also needed to evolve to support this new user base. As content creators upload videos daily and small to large businesses quickly develop an online video presence. The Cut page meets this high demand through faster and more intelligible ways of working, speeding up the user's workflow to provide an enjoyable experience.

  • DaVinci Resolve is offered as a free software, making it a great option for new users, but the investment of time to learn the multi-page workflow can be intimidating. The Cut page solves this problem by combining the core functionality from each stage of the workflow, to produce a simplified way to create fast-turnaround films. The Cut page is also functional on a professional level, now Assistant Editors who work on features films can use the Cut page to quickly assemble an edit before passing it on to the Lead Editor, guaranteeing it's useful for different skill levels.

  • The Cut page introduces a number of innovative and unique features : Dual Timeline Innovative dual timeline, upper timeline is a live active timeline of the whole project, detailed area is displayed in the lower timeline. Navigate quickly through your project, move clips around and do a rough trim Quick Export Instantly render, upload and share your project to popular online services such as YouTube and Vimeo. Source Tape View This makes it easy to scrub through all of your shots, find the parts you want, and quickly edit them to the timeline. Trim Tool The new dedicated trim tool becomes active any time you trim a clip and allows precise trimming of clips before adding them into the timeline. Sync Bin Makes it easy to sync audio and video media. Sync multiple camera angles to the correct audio file and easily. Then recall and import shots to your timeline without excessively searching for a new shot.