SureClose ConcealFit

  • 2021

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    Hardware and Building

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Olmi & D&D Technologies

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SureClose® CONCEALFIT is a high-quality, hydraulically controlled range of door and gate hinge closing devices. Designed in Italy, these products provide concealed fixing with an unobtrusive and minimalist finishing. CONCEALFIT is the world’s first hydraulic and concealed door closer unit, offering a reliable, self-closing option for commercial and residential timber flush doors and outdoor gates.

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  • SureClose® CONCEALFIT is ideal for doors in offices, high-end hotels, custom homes and public institutions requiring concealed styling and highly adjustable self-closing functionality. The concealed installation means they also provide very high resistance/prevention against burglary and vandalism.

  • Concealed hinge + Concealed hinge-closer creates clean opening for an elegant, distinctive, and minimalism architectural look for the closer & hinge. The design offers Burglar/ Vandalism resistance: Concealed hinges provide tamper proof and added security, ideal for hidden doors and passageways. SureClose® attains its fine alignment and performance via advanced 6-way adjustment (3-Fdimensional positioning + 3-way door control).

  • This styling is the primary appeal of the product. Easy installation and adjustment to one another. No tweaks and over-alignment necessary to make it work, or worse to take the door or gate off and send it to a shop for re-work. Doors or gates can be installed quickly saving money for the millworker and installer and ensuring it all looks sharp in the end. Should the moving panel leaf or frame sag over time, no need to send it back to the shop. Perfect alignment and door closing control is performed with Allen keys.

  • Rated weight capacity up to 220 lbs. per set of one hinge + one hinge/closer. Templates and jig available to assist with wood frame & door preparation. In addition, mounting brackets also available to assist with metal door/gate preparation and installation.