Sundae Lounges by Jason Ju for DesignByThem

  • 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Jason Ju
  • DesignByThem Studio

Commissioned By:


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The Sundae Lounges by Jason Ju for DesignByThem are designed to make you feel right at home. With soft, billowing profiles and plenty of character, Sundae blurs the line between residential and commercial furniture, bringing an immediate sense of comfort and familiarity to its environment. Made in Australia.

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Pete Daly
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Pete Daly
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  • The brief for Sundae was to create an upholstered range that felt welcoming and calming but also be made to withstand commercial use. The project came about in 2019 when an opportunity arose for Jason, DesignByThem’s Design and Production Coordinator since 2015, to design for a market gap in the range. Under the guidance of directors Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis, Jason has helped develop much of DesignByThem’s current range. The initial processes for the Sundae range began by focusing on the armchair as the statement piece to inform the larger configurations.

  • It was imperative that comfort be designed into the aesthetic of the Sundae collection. To do so, round and voluminous profiles were sculpted throughout the form to enhance the softness of its upholstered exterior. Its low height and deeper seat combined with generous curves give the design a modest and inviting presence. The range meets commercial interior furniture standards, utilising a steel skeletal substructure for the arms and back with high-quality low VOC commercial grade green star rated foam that is recyclable after use. An FSC plywood base with a spring system for the seat provides maximum comfort and support.

  • Sundae meets the mark as the boundaries between home and workplace environments increasingly overlap by showcasing adaptivity without compromising on aesthetic, craftsmanship and personality. Sundae offers a product that creates an instantly familiar and welcoming connection with the individual. There is an immediate sense of comfort and relaxation whether in a residential or commercial setting. The minimal internal structure and specific layering of high-density foams allow the design to maintain its shape and comfort for many years. Its modular design approach allows for scalability, sustainability and versatility in the number of seats it can offer without the overuse of materials.

  • The initial processes for the Sundae range began by focusing on the armchair as the statement piece to inform the larger configurations. For the first prototypes, Sarah, Nick and Jason experimented with a band that held the lounge together to accentuate curves and bulges in the foam. “After a few rounds of development, the aesthetic started to look quite muffin-like. We thought this took away from the overall friendliness of the design. Eventually removing the band, we let the lounge relax and naturally expand into the form that it is now. Many lounges utilise a lot of material, structurally, in order to keep it together, but we designed the Sundae Range to challenge this for the construction. We needed to build around a minimal steel structure but keep the voluminous shape. To do this, we experimented over multiple prototypes with foam layering techniques using specific layers and densities to get a comfortable feel. We also had to be mindful when it came to upholstery as different types of foams interacted differently once stretched and covered.” - Jason Ju.