Without Skincare – Good for You & Good for the Planet

  • 2023

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Introducing Seed & Sprout’s zero waste, clinically proven and dermatologically tested skincare. Exfoliate, brighten and moisturise with our Without Skincare range. Truly sustainable in design, ingredients, testing and materials. Designed with people and planet in mind, so that you can glow with the beauty of nature. Softer footprints, better living.

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  • Excessive packaging, plastic pollution, and unsustainable resource consumption are huge problems within the cosmetic industry. Our environment is suffering, our planet and our wildlife is suffering and ultimately we are suffering too. Beauty packaging alone amounts to 120 billion units each year and ingredients like synthetic fragrance, parabens, SLS and silicones have been linked to negative impacts on human health. We wanted to do better and so we created our skincare range to align with nature, and not fight against it.

  • The design solution was a zero waste skincare made from natural ingredients and packaged in an aluminium casing with a lid made from zinc alloy. We went back and forth on designs trying to keep to our sustainable ethos but also to make sure the product was attractive and fit within the skincare market. One huge roadblock was keeping a liquid (The Serum) inside a plastic free design but we managed to accomplish that with a very thin layer of recyclable silicone inside the zinc alloy lid. Sustainability comes with all sorts of challenges that you have to embrace!

  • Skincare and cosmetics in general are a dirty industry. Animal testing, synthetic chemicals, microplastics, petroleum, excessive water use, plastic packaging and co2 emissions from transportation all add up to the hidden 'ugly' side of the beauty industry. There wasn't one zero waste, natural product on the market that our founder Sophie Kovic could find and so she decided to create one. Better for people, for planet, for animals and in line with the way we all hope capitalism moves; a sustainable and profitable future for all.

  • Our skincare is 100% naturally derived, no nasties, plastic free, vegan friendly, dermatologically tested, clinically proven, hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin, zero waste, and comes with a forever lid made from zinc alloy that you keep and reuse over and over. The packaging is made from FSC cardboard and is 100% recyclable and the aluminium tubes are also 100% recyclable (widely across Australia and the rest of the world). Our ingredients contain many Australian natives and organic ingredients. We created 2 face masks, 1 serum and 1 moisturiser as well as a tube key that was designed by our team to solve two problems; 1. getting every part of your product out of a tube and 2. opening and closing a lid with ease. They achieved both and our customers are now purchasing the Tube Key to use with other products like toothpaste, tomato paste and other cosmetic products.