STUDIOMINT Yamaha Music Australia

  • 2020

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Designed By:

  • Alla DeLion
  • Ling Gui
  • Harry Nguyen

Commissioned By:

Yamaha Music

Designed In:


Yamaha Music is a project that evokes positive memories long after completion. The inspiration was drawn from Yamaha’s deep music roots combined with Japanese influences. The final result was one that instils confidence as a design firm, that fulfilled the functional brief, assisted brand evolution and allowed staff to flourish.

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  • We were required to design a multi-faceted space which had competing acoustic demands working in parallel. This included a large 90 person open-office environment that shared space with a 80 person auditorium playing live acoustic and/or amplified music, an active silent music/sound recording studio, a silent AV theatre room and an events place that would all be used within standard working hours. All these functions were to be encased in a standard pre-cast four (4) level commercial building that did not have any acoustic treatment between floors.

  • The project challenge was overcome through a clear understanding of each room’s acoustic requirements and research into varied acoustic properties of building materials on the market. Every surface had to be evaluated so as it would fulfil the function of the space, but also did not compromise on the design. The magic happened when we closely ran workshops, between the client, acoustic consultants, materials suppliers and the design team, to effectively provide the end result.

  • The display, events/entrance area, music studio and breakout areas all celebrate Yamaha’s magic of music. Walking into the foyer of the organisation, you are greeted by an automated baby grand piano in the middle of the room, and a small collection of instruments. The design of the reception desk takes inspiration from the guitar pick, with a cabinet behind that strategically showcases instruments in a gallery-like fashion as precious works of art. Leading towards the staircase, a motorcycle is displayed, associating the music headquarters with Yamaha’s affiliated company.

  • The primary feature was not one area or a material application, but the experience of leaving the elevator doors and stepping into a musical sanctuary. The combination of the playing grand piano, the warm flickering of the fireplace, and the historic instruments in the glass display evoke a journey through Yamaha's brand.