Strucket Teenie

  • 2022

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    Housewares and Objects

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Strucket Teenie – a strainer container for washing and draining items, featuring the Strucket interlocking strainer connection plus grater and juicer to transform the Teenie into a versatile, multi use device. The Strucket Teenie replaces multiple containers, tools and gadgets in the family kitchen with intelligent design innovation.

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  • The design team were tasked with building upon the success & cult following of the Strucket's existing product line. The objective was to design a 100% Australian Made multi-use, kitchen focused device which included the simplistic & innovative design cues & patented strainer function that the Strucket family is known for. To be a success, the Strucket Teenie had to wrap all of the desired functions into a hand sized container without compromising on container space and volume. Incorporating new & additional functions of the grater, weight & juicer while also allowing them to be used with or without the strainer added to the challenge.

  • The brief was simple: Build upon the Strucket ethos of quality, innovative homewares with a new smaller, hand sized unit that combined several common kitchen functions into one hands free draining Teenie Strucket. The design team has managed to deliver all of the required functions in a package that is 100% Australian Made and ships in the smallest possible size. The grater had specific detail paid to it in order to allow it to be made in Australia-it is the only Australian Made grater, and to be used easily and safely by the elderly and physically challenged.

  • The addition of the Teenie to the Strucket family has allowed the Strucket brand to build upon the success of the first two Strucket products and by targeting the smaller size for use within the kitchen and adding additional features the Strucket brand has successfully entered into the highly competitive kitchen market. The design and material selection has also allowed the Teenie to be one of the very few kitchen products that are 100% Australian Made and 100% recyclable while also giving it a decades long lifetime expectancy.

  • Container with nested Strainer, offers an interlocking connection, allowing the strainer to elevate above the container handsfree. This design element is water/liquid saving and time saving. Strainer Weight, this design element is to weigh down foods which are buoyant, such as Kimchi, berries etc. Grater which can either be nested on the container for dry grating such as carrot and cheese; it can also be nested on the strainer, this is ideal for wet grating cucumber, zucchini, potato, beetroot; the strainer allowing the user to remove the water component from the produce. Juicer can either be nested on the container for direct juicing or nested in the strainer for juicing fruits which container high pith/seed content; offering a further removal of the remnants. A simple turn of the juicer to the up-side down position you now have an egg separator. Nest this on the container for quick egg separation. The lid offers a spout for easy pouring. The base container incudes metric capabilities. Inside the lid you have storage compartment clips to clip the grater or weight. All 3 accessories have been designed to store inside the container, to keep the object together and compact for storage.