360 Computer Vision Navigation surgical system

  • 2022

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Created to assist orthopaedic surgeons navigating their instruments intraoperatively and inform decision making, the 360 Computer Vision Navigation (360CVN) system is an example of a connected ecosystem uniting the patient journey with hardware, software and surgeon specific customisation to optimise patient outcomes in Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty (THA/TKA) surgery.

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  • Current market solutions are large, have a high training burden, utilise technology that is becoming out of date, and pose a significant cost to consumers and healthcare institutions. Our challenge was to design a navigation system that integrated with low-cost computer vision tracking technology components, while creating a system that is integrated with our existing surgical planning and analysis software. This integration would allow surgeons to give feedback to the planning software during surgery for immediate reanalysis, and by keeping the component cost down and taking from off-the-shelf solutions, we could establish a system that responds quickly to future innovations.

  • The 360CVN is an elegant solution to these challenges, though we recognise that this is a transitional product as we look toward the future. The 360CVN has been created utilising off the shelf, highly calibrated cameras instead of infrared cameras leading to an increase in field of vision for surgeons. The cart design leads to a smaller footprint in theatre. The navigation software feedback to our planning platform allowing us to examine steps toward achieving the optimal surgical outcomes. The software was developed in a 3D game engine which allows the software to integrate with technologies like AR and MR.

  • The number one impact of the 360CVN system is the reduction in cost for the consumer and the increased availability of smart surgical products for non-metro hospitals. The 360CVN provides information during the golden hour of surgery and forms part of our product suite aiming to integrating the episode of care. Because the system has been created with the future in mind, it is our intention that it continues to develop alongside other technological innovations, continues to lead to reduced intraoperative downtime, increased real-time feedback for surgeon decision making and increased analytics to inform research and development.

  • The compact and slim nature of this system’s design leads increased ergonomics, a smaller intraoperative footprint and increased field of vision. All of this has been created utilising off-the-shelf solutions coupled with meticulously designed tools and integrated software across the company. This allows the whole of 360 Med Care’s analytics and recovery systems to be utilised by the final customer, orthopaedic surgeons, and deliver feedback to the engineers at 360 to continue future development. The tools themselves also reduce waste and costs as they’ve been designed with sterilisation in mind. While many other systems use disposable tools, the 360CVN’s pointer, markers and fixators have been designed to reduce the total number of instruments and keep the whole system reusable.