STITCH Pot by Blinde Design

  • 2019

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Commissioned By:

Mad Design (Australia)

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Combining tradition and technology; modern machining, hand made moulds, high-tech finishing and manual rope threading the STITCH Pot combines elements of high craftsmanship and design features but is realised in mass manufacturing using a custom composition of green cement combined with 95 per cent recycled natural materials.

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  • Pots are vessels that both contain and complement plants that bring life to our built environment. These vessels are often understated with fixed styling and construction dominated by traditional geometry. Our aim in the creation of the Blinde STITCH Pot was to break the pattern of lifeless geometric planters by challenging ourselves to deliver a pot that combines elements of high craftsmanship and design features but is realised using an alternative material to Portland cement, plastic and other kiln fired materials that are feasible for mass manufacturing with quality and consistency ensuring each vessel is refined in every visible surface.

  • The Blinde STITCH Pot is designed to look relaxed, yet the tension from ropes prevents it from looking lazy, sagging or melting. Its smooth rounded appearance makes it inviting to view or touch at the same time being a welcomed complement in natural landscapes and architectural settings. Its bellowing shape mimics a resting soft bag, a flowing form under the influence of gravity. Using Fluid Concrete Technology enabled us to achieve our design objectives and work with concrete in a way that was never thought possible - achieving light-weight, high quality, seamless bends and curves like this is a game changer.

  • Blinde STITCH Pots are made of custom fibre concrete which doesn't require kiln-firing or heated-curing, uses much less water than Portland and other forms of concrete - the product is ultra thin and lightweight relative to size. Overall a much greener solution that saves water and generates much less heat output, while still being suitable for mass production. Faux stitch details on either end; (visually) holds its shape together, making the pot dynamic/moving rather than solid/still. The stitching detail balances the form by disrupting the relaxed free flowing surfaces of the pot belly by adding areas of tension and sharp bends.

  • Its shape is simple yet detailed with its organic flowing shape containing no single area of symmetry; and each radius, bend in material, and lip edge all highly detailed and elaborate. A low centre of gravity, gives a sense of balance and stability; its continuous curves without a single edge visually touching the ground softens its concrete appearance making it less structural. Rope options give it versatility; Earthy/neutral colours are available to live harmoniously within natural toned settings but also available to add a playful energetic pop/vibe into our modern artificial scenes. Coloured stitching brings life and pop to a concrete vessel, adds a break in the single material concrete body. Introduces certain amounts of customisation in our pot planters; various colour choices are available to suit, personal preference and spaces. Computer numerical controlled machining allows endless possibilities for creating master patterns at the same time ensuring the moulds are identical to the designer's intent in all its details. Permanent Dyed cotton sash ropes for decorative highlights giving it a soft natural aesthetic; wax coat weather-proofing protect it from degrading or dirtying outdoors. Uses Fluid Concrete Technology which delivers super fine, smooth naturally finished material in multiple colour options.