Rapid Machine Operator

  • 2023

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Afshin Mehin - Chief Creative Officer, Card79
  • Levi Joo - Industrial Designer, Card79
  • Mark Choi - Industrial Designer, Card79
  • Nolan Nisbet - Industrial Designer, Card79

Commissioned By:

Rapid Robotics

Designed In:

United States of America

Rapid Machine Operator (RMO) is a portable, intuitive robotic system that enables small and medium-sized US manufacturers to use industrial robotics. It uses computer vision technology and reconfigurable tables on a rolling base to make it adaptable and easy to set up for new robotics operations in a factory environment.

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Image: Courtesy of Card 79
Image: Courtesy of Card 79
Image: Courtesy of Card 79
Image: Courtesy of Card 79
Image: Courtesy of Card 79
Image: Courtesy of Card 79
Image: Courtesy of Card 79
Image: Courtesy of Card 79
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  • This project's overarching challenge was creating a solution that would address the infinite variability between different manufacturing facilities while minimizing the amount of customization to reduce deployment time. This required thoroughly going through the matrix of different options that could impact the system. We also leveraged flexible manufacturing processes to deploy more systems so we could easily tweak the design without slowing down production or incurring expensive tooling costs. The big takeaway from this project was working within the real complexities of the system and producing a design that communicates a clear, logical visual story and provides useful ergonomic benefits.

  • We created an affordable and intelligent robotic worker to help manufacturers grow by making robotic automation easy and affordable, thus enabling Rapid Robotics to further deliver on its promise to end customers. It is an all-in-one solution for making robotic automation accessible to manufacturers to do specific tasks, help increase their production, maximize human resources, and expand operations. It is efficient and delivers results that can ramp up business and production. This is why the RMO solution has been adopted by Rapid Robotics as their flagship deployment solution, replacing other less effective systems at addressing the primary customer challenges.

  • Challenges like local labor shortages, expensive equipment, and maintenance prevent US small and medium-sized manufacturers from using industrial robots. To address this, Rapid Robotics created the Rapid Machine Operator (RMO) - an affordable all-in-one robotic automation solution that can handle 80% of factory tasks. RMO comes pre-trained to perform various jobs, such as pad printing, injection molding, assembly, and more. The portable rolling base allows for endless table configurations, making it adaptable for any manufacturing setup. RMO is accessible to all major manufacturing sectors, offering an efficient solution to costly and inflexible industrial robots.

  • Rapid Robotics is known for the unprecedented speed of deployment of its solutions. The company took a modular approach to work cell design. The key feature of this re-imagined work cell is the innovative mobile robot pedestal with modular fixturing. This enables flexibility as the pedestal can be easily moved or reconfigured and re-locked into place by a single person. The RMO was designed to minimize environmental impact. It is made with robust materials and construction, allowing it to be redeployed for new clients when a client no longer needs it. The versatility of training the RMO to perform numerous jobs also reduces the need to own multiple robots, decreasing material waste. The RMO was designed for the harsh conditions of a manufacturing facility. Dark gray powder-coated metal parts hide oil and grease stains. Simultaneously, the RMO was intended to have a strongly recognizable color and graphic identity, allowing it to be easily recognized across a factory floor. The color was also utilized as ergonomic cues, helping highlight different interaction points such as handles and door openings.