St George Business Banking Online

  • 2016

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Designed By:

  • St.George nBBO Project Team

Commissioned By:

Westpac Banking Corporation

Designed In:


St George’s new Business Banking Online platform is fresh, intuitive and responsive, supporting small business through to corporate customers with an extensive range of online banking capabilities. This is provided through custom user interface components designed and built to facilitate fast and efficient task completion.

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  • Responsive websites are common but in the online banking space desktop only versions are used by organisations forcing customers to download their mobile app. St George's Business Banking Online platform leaves this choice with the customer, to either view through their browser on their mobile device or download the mobile app. This capability will be used in St George's Business app, providing the business with future enhancements and maintenance savings. Delivering a responsive capability has also been significantly more challenging compared to common websites given the complexity of the user interface elements and is a true responsive experience in that the platform dynamically adjusts to all screen sizes.

  • Web accessibility to online banking is especially important for people with disabilities. It's more than a matter of compliance, it's about providing the best user experience to those using screen readers so our customers can focus on their business instead of physically going in-branch to complete their banking needs. St George's new Business Banking platform meets Level AA (Double A) standards and has achieved this across tables, data grids, inline panels and a range of functional components.

  • Compared to consumer banking needs, business banking brings with it the complexity of multiple users, roles, access and functionality. Holding this together are multi-user workflows which can be tailored to meet the needs of individual businesses. These are designed in such a way that are intuitive to create and provide a seamless experience across users of the new Business Banking Online system. These designs allow single users setups or companies who run their business through segregation of duties. The intuitiveness of the design allows users to hand off to another user or to continue on with the flow with ease.

  • St George's new Business Banking Online platform is designed and built in such a way that it dynamically updates and is used by additional brands within the Westpac Group providing significant business savings. Multi-brand adaptability means that the new Business Banking Online platform is also concurrently used by Bank of Melbourne and Bank of South Australia brands.