MONDAY Haircare MONDAY Mood New Product Launch

  • 2023

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Commissioned By:

MONDAY Haircare

Zuru Edge

Designed In:

New Zealand

We needed an exciting and fresh social media campaign to announce MONDAY Haircare’s equally exciting new product launches for 2023: 10 new SKUs across Shampoo & Conditioner, Hair Supplements, Dry Shampoo and Minis. The result was “MONDAY Mood”, which involved creative direction, graphic design, 3D rendering and animation.

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  • There are two key challenges: the first being to diversify the current portfolio of MONDAY to align with emerging haircare trends, and the second to introduce new product formats outside of our long-established shampoo and conditioner SKUs. To bring this to life, we used 3D design and animation to push beyond what other brands present on social media. We expanded the visual identity in this new digital space while staying true to the distinctive memory structure of the brand. It was important to create familiarity around the brand, while exciting new and potential customers with fresh design elements.

  • We created an overarching concept called MONDAY Mood, assigning each new product a distinctive and relatable personality helping to bring the products to life. There was the “Routine Queen”, “Miss Be-There-in-10”, “Holistic Hero” and “Girl on the Go”. A roadblock we ran into was translating the brand tone and youthfulness with our 3D elements (i.e. our floral elements for Dry Shampoo), ensuring they felt youthful, cool, fun, rather than too polished or mature. It took several iterations in order to land the right balance and appeal to our target audience of Gen Z and young Millennials.

  • Creating buzz on social and digital platforms is key with beauty consumers, who are typically digital natives and highly excited by novelty in the category. This design was seen by a huge number of people, with almost 20 million views of our “MONDAY Mood” concept across Instagram and TikTok, both organic and paid. From a commercial standpoint, our Hair Gummies have been an incredible success. Stocked with specialty beauty retailer Ulta in the United States, this product performed at 600% over its initial forecast in the first three months, increasing to 700% in April 2023.

  • Another key feature of this design is the 3D elements created as part of the campaign's suite of assets. These 3D assets were custom designed to bring to life the unique features of the product, such as flavours, smells and ingredients. For Shampoo and Conditioner, the idea was to have bubbles and other shapes to symbolise the new formula in a playful manner. For the Hair Gummies, which have a strawberry flavour and enjoyable chewy gummy texture, we wanted to create a burst of energy and vibrancy that would evoke the flavour for the consumer. (This is shown in Hair Gummies 03 Teaser and 04 Announcement.) For Dry Shampoo, which has a gardenia scent, we created a dreamlike room full of brightly-hued florals to conjure the smell of fresh flowers in bloom. By incorporating these elements, it helps bring these new products to life in a way that goes beyond the screen that the assets are being viewed on. The design elements feel youthful, optimistic and enticing, creating buzz around these new launches and encouraging trial.