SSR Omni

  • 2019

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    Commercial and Industrial

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The SSR-Omni predicts collapses and landslides in open-cut mines and dams by detecting the slightest rock movement of 0.1mm in real time from up to 5.6km away with 360° scanning in just two minutes, allowing 11.2km coverage. It’s the world’s most precise, longest range and furthest coverage slope monitoring technology.

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  • An unforeseen collapse in an open-cut mine or dam has the potential to damage equipment and in some cases, lead to loss of life. The resultant production delays and stoppages that ensue can result in huge financial, logistical and legal implications. With the assistance of monitoring, mine personal can save both lives and equipment, and ensure continuous production. The SSR-Omni was designed to fulfil the premium product niche within the slope monitoring market by being the world’s most precise, longest range and furthest coverage slope monitoring technology, ensuring maximum safety and productivity through the optimisation of decision confidence.

  • The SSR-Omni is the market leader for full-coverage, high-resolution, real-time monitoring. Merging the best of radar technology with superior-resolution video imaging, the SSR-Omni is a premium, fit-for-purpose monitoring solution and GroundProbe’s most sophisticated system to date. The SSR-Omni is the highest resolution rotational radar in the market and has an end-to-end scan time of just two minutes for a full-coverage scan. It sweeps 360° in just 40 seconds and has a range of 5.6km with 11.2km coverage in-pit, easily meeting the needs of the world’s biggest mines and allowing the SSR-Omni to record 9 million individual measurements every 40 seconds.

  • The SSR-Omni has been specifically developed for geotechnical deformation monitoring. The SSR-Omni and the invaluable data that it delivers, actively assists a global community of mining professionals to make confident, informed decisions to better manage risk, increase productivity, and ensure maximum safety. Through the SSR-Omni and our patented analysis software (SSR-Viewer), our customers are able to monitor and detect wall movement in open-pit mines and dams, understand when it becomes a problem, and predict when a collapse is likely to occur. Thanks to the SSR-Omni, our customers can both react and plan with confidence beyond what was previously capable.

  • The cutting edge design and integration of the radar and trailer system embodies the innovative technology housed within. The faceted form and triangular shapes represent the nature of the three dimensional geophysical data which is at the core of GroundProbe’s data interpretation. It is a high-quality, technology-driven design, functional in its approach and appropriate for mine sites located in some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet. The SSR-Omni system was designed with the end user in mind. It allows its operator to safely and remotely conduct visual inspections, not previously possible with existing products.