Springvale Community Hub

  • 2021

  • Architectural
    Commercial and Residential

Designed By:

  • James Wilson, Director, Lyons
  • Sam Hunter, Design Architect, Lyons
  • Michael Bell, Project Architect, Lyons
  • Michael Wright, Director, RushWright Associates

Commissioned By:

City of Greater Dandenong

Designed In:


The Springvale Community Hub, Victoria, incorporates a large library and series of civic spaces set amongst a playful parkland, mirroring the culturally diverse population and urban context. It features a variety of learning, leisure, services and cultural spaces and showcases the importance of representation and connection, fostering a sense of civic ownership.

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  • As Springvale is one of the most culturally diverse communities in Australia, the aim was to reflect the unique identities of its residents and the urban context in which it resides, featuring a variety of learning, leisure and cultural opportunities as well as a workplace for the council. The project aimed to highlight the importance of representation and connection, showcasing visual identity and placemaking to foster a sense of civic ownership. This desire for civic ownership was intertwined with deep environmental aspirations, with the design aiming at a 6-star Green Star rating and carbon neutrality.

  • We have responded to the urban context of Springvale, reflecting its built and natural features, as well as social, economic and environmental stories; the design communicates with the environment, curving around the site's beloved red river gum trees, and exceeding sustainability standards in support of the community's future. A 6-star Green Star rating and carbon neutrality were achieved through vast PV arrays on the sloped rooftop, which also forms a series of long east west skylights, illuminating the vast interior volume with natural light. The building's roof area also collects and stores rainwater for use in toilets, landscaping and irrigation.

  • The result is a coalescence of cultures forming a diverse public space encouraging education, interaction and connection. This reflects the unique identities of its residents and the urban context in which it resides. "The new Springvale Community Hub has been designed as a place where people of all ages, backgrounds and interests can come together, connect and feel welcome. It is a true celebration of culture, diversity and community and will provide a variety of learning, leisure and cultural opportunities in one place." Mayor Jim Memeti, Greater Dandenong Mayor Councillor said of the design.

  • It includes a modern, state-of-the-art library featuring emerging technologies, flexible community meeting spaces, a new customer service area and extensively landscaped green spaces and outdoor activity areas. The library has been designed for advanced delivery of services and for engaging closely with the community. The multi-modal interior spaces are open, flexible and light filled to welcome all members of the community continuously. The library features new technologies and equipment, flexible community meeting spaces, customer service areas and plentiful parking. A cafĂ© provides a space to meet and relax, while the Technology Hall gives access to screens and spaces to work and connect. The outdoor spaces are equipped for a variety of recreation uses, community events and social gatherings. They invite community engagement with multi-use courts, playgrounds, extensively landscaped gardens, and an open air, outdoor bathroom that is accessibility and ambulant friendly. The key 'civic' facade 'ripples' with a rainbow of custom glazed bricks to conceptually reflect the various flags that make up the demographic of Springvale. Three key culturally diverse artworks by Material Thinking are integrated into the project and enrich the interior experience. These artworks reflect the diversity of Springvale's migrant paths to Australia, strengthening local cultural pride.