• 2018

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Spindry is a revolutionary toilet brush that spins dry and clean. A simple sharp squeeze of the handle spins the brush head to hygienically dry the bristles and remove trapped particles, allowing drip-free replacement into the canister.

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  • Dreamfarm identified that the way the brush collects water and particles to be a major area needing improvement. This tendency usually causes drips across the floor, and a pool of water to collect in the canister. While some companies have created rubber brushes or scrapers to address this, they lack the superior cleaning ability of a traditional brush. Thus the challenge was to create a nylon bristled toilet brush that the user can easily and seamlessly dry before returning to the canister. The brush and canister had to blend in with a modern domestic bathroom aesthetics and usage habits.

  • A squeeze of Spindry’s handle will quickly rotate the head, flinging off any water or particles clinging to the bristles. This allows drip-free replacement into the canister. This function is fast, effortless and doesn’t impede normal usage in any way. For such a new concept to provide benefit to the user, intuitive ergonomics were an important consideration. The handle has been shaped to inform and facilitate the two different actions - scrubbing, and then squeezing. The resulting execution allows a new user to quickly understand the concept.

  • In preventing toilet water from dripping outside the toilet or pooling in the canister, Spindry creates a safer and more hygienic environment than a standard toilet brush. From a commercial perspective, Spindry is the spearhead of Dreamfarm’s effort to expand into bathroom products with the same problem solving attitude they apply to kitchen tools and gadgets. Spindry is constructed to last a lifetime, with all mechanical parts being made from thick nylon plastic. The brush heads are replaceable, and easily changed over using the recycled/recyclable replacement tool included with every replacement head.

  • Dreamfarm has added several additional features to Spindry to improve the convenience and amenity. The canister features a thick weighted base to make it harder to accidentally knock over. This base is made from recycled plastic. The canister is also easy to move or pick up due to unique interlocking design - simply squeeze the handle and it will grip the canister. Spindry’s aesthetic choices have been made with Dreamfarm’s typical detailed yet minimalist ethos. It is visually interesting, yet still blends into a modern bathroom environment. Importantly the styling subtly incorporates the visual and tactile queues that inform the function to a new user. The bristles have been fixed to the brush head with copper fasteners, rather than the usual steel. This means the brush head will never discolour due to rust. When the brush head wears out it is replaceable.