Speedy Safety Loader (SSL)

  • 2019

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The Speedy Safety Loader is a unique safety device used to load difficult or frightened horses onto horse floats and into race day barrier stalls. Studies show the magnitude of this problem as 21 per cent of horse owners experience difficulties loading horses, resulting in severe injuries and deaths.

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  • Loading horses is a common practice in horse handling and fraught with risk. Risk of serious injury and even death to both horse and handler are high in situations that involve loading, due to the unpredictable nature of horses. When entering a confined space, such as a horse float or barrier stall, a horse may feel threatened, resulting in fight or flight behaviours that jeopardise the safety of handlers who are within close proximity. A horse in this state of panic may bite, strike, kick or move in an unexpected direction. Standard loading techniques, whereby handlers are required to use their own bodyweight, expose them to these potentially harmful behaviours.

  • By using a safety device that is designed specifically for the purpose of loading horses, the risk of serious injury and death can be drastically reduced: - The SSL is easy to use and can be operated by up to four attendants. - It safely positions the handler at the girth of the horse and away from the dangerous zones at both the front (biting) and rear (kicking). - It enables the handler to manoeuvre the horse at arm's length, further preventing the risk of injury as hindleg strikes cant make contact. - It guides the horse in a straight line into the float or barrier, stopping the horse from suddenly moving sideways or backwards. - It assists in keeping the horse calm by providing even contact on the horse’s rump and mid-section.


  • The SSL features two panels with four handles, raised humps on the inside panel in line with the back handles and an adjustable strap. - The four handles allow up to four attendants to manoeuvre a horse safely and apply a combined total weight of up to approximately 400kg. - The raised humps prevent a horse from sudden movements sideways or backwards when refusing to enter a float or stall. - The adjustable strap enables the SSL to be used on both small and large horses. - Racing is watched by millions of people worldwide. Barrier cameras will zoom in on any horse that is having difficulty loading. The placement of our website on the back of the product will assist in driving sales.