Westmix Electric Side Tip Cement Mixer

  • 2023

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    Hardware and Building

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  • AMES Australasia Pty Ltd

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AMES Australasia Pty Ltd

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Though ‘a person’s home is their castle’, home ownership is becoming less accessible. Little wonder home improvement products are in such high demand. The Westmix Electric Side Tip Mixer brings a job previously the sole domain of professionals, well into the ‘Do it Yourself’ domain.

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  • Responding to the growth in both Do-it -yourself and Trade home-improvement and building projects, Westmix conducted deep user research to understand the problems and challenges faced by concreting professionals when undertaking concreting tasks. The design team then asked how could cement mixing be made easier and more accessible for all levels of Trade and DIY consumers. While opportunities to improve safety and certain user features came to light, the biggest challenge was the supply of a boxed ‘Side-Tip’ mixer for retail distribution which reduced the time required for assembly and maintenance.

  • The Westmix Electric Side Tip Mixer removes complexity of assembly and maintenance reducing the productivity loss experienced on professional building projects and improving accessibility for all levels of trad and DIY’ers. Typically, boxed cement mixers are ‘front-tip’ and comprise numerous parts, many of which are not required to be supplied individually. ‘Side Tip’ in function, the Westmix Electric Side Tip Mixer is designed to reduce parts into subassemblies making it efficient to pack, quick to assemble, safe to use and easy to maintain.

  • Products that help improve the home environment offer social, psychological, and economic benefit and commercialising such products scales the benefit. The Westmix Electric Side Tip Mixer democratises a product ordinarily bought and used by experienced professional Builders and Tradespeople. Achieving utmost safety, durability, elegant product functionality and styling at minimal cost remains a key success of this design. However, user benefit could not have been realized without achieving operational efficiency for AMES Australasia and its customers. Efficient packing and assembly design has resulted in a value win for all.

  • Typically, boxed cement mixers are ‘front-tip’ and comprise numerous parts, including, frame components, wheels, motor unit, housing, gearing assembly, pulley assembly, rotatable parts, handles, a large mixing bowl, and numerous fasteners. This makes initial assembly and maintenance time consuming for professionals and creates a barrier for DIY’ers. Critically by supplying parts in subassemblies and simplifying assembly and maintenance for all levels of Tradespeople and DIY’ers The Electric Side Tip Mixer does not compromise on shipping and shelving efficiency, ensuring cost effective distribution from factory to shelf to backyard. Maintenance is simplified through the design of the motor and gearing assembly and the bearing arm assembly. Safety of the unit was also vastly improved. Existing models contain open gear mechanisms which are hazardous, so AMES designed a cover for the gear mechanism preventing injury during use without increasing maintenance down time or reducing serviceability. Throughout the design care was taken to specify common fasteners requiring standard tools.