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Arovec AV-P500 True HEPA air purifier removes harmful contaminants from air to improve indoor air quality. It uses a system of an internal fan to circulate air through a high-efficiency filtration system that removes harmful airborne particles and eliminates allergic symptoms such as asthma and Hay fever.

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  • According to current evidence, poor indoor air quality has negative health consequences. Air pollution is a major health concern for the 2.7 million Australians who suffer from asthma. Breathing difficulties and other symptoms are directly linked to poor air quality exposure. Despite this, it is widely acknowledged that indoor air is of worse quality than outdoor air. As a result, there is a significant risk that the community's health will be harmed in the indoor environment if no air treatment is addressed.

  • Arovec is an Australian-owned and operated brand that designs and manufactures air treatment technology products to significantly contribute to an enhanced and healthy indoor air quality for every Australian’s home, office or other close spaces. Arovec's design and quality are prioritized to be based on the Australian air and climate, focusing on safety, reliability and simplicity with highly trusted functionality that exceeds each customer's expectation in the air treatment context. AV-P500 is explicitly designed with a smart feature of sensing air and immediate response to circulating the air via a standard filtration stage to ensure 99.97% pure air delivery.

  • The Arovec AV-P500 model is one of the newest models of the Arovec brand with smart and most advanced capability, intelligent high-quality sensors and at the same time quiet operation. It has a top feedback rating since its availability on the online market platforms. The Arovec AV-P500 is a great option for anyone who is concerned about indoor air quality. It features an intelligent air quality sensor for effective air filtration and to improve indoor air with the quietest operation to make it perfect. Furthermore, great customers' positive feedback ratings indicate consumers' full satisfaction with this product.

  • The AV-P500 True HEPA air purifier removes airborne contaminants from the air to improve indoor air quality. It uses a system of the internal fan to circulate the room air through a high-efficiency filtration system that removes harmful airborne particles. It is equipped with an infrared dust sensor that can detect the number of particles in a given space (µg/m³). AV-P500 is equipped with three filtration stages; the preliminary filter captures large particles such as dust, pet dander and hair. The Korean H13 True HEPA Filter traps fine particles such as PM2.5, dust mites, allergen, airborne bacteria, pollen, mould and other airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 μm. The High-Efficiency activated Carbon Filter absorbs various odours and smokes such as cigarette smoke, fumes, cooking smell, pet odours, hazardous gases and VOCs. Out of several exceptional features, the machine is equipped with the Sleep-Mode option, which enables the user to have a peaceful sleep while it's operating. Also, it has an optional night light/dark mode for convenience and user preference. Child-Lock, three fan speed modes and auto mode operation are the other features of this machine.