SoundWear Companion Speaker

  • 2018

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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United States of America

The convenience of headphones with the awareness of a speaker. The SoundWear Companion is a wearable speaker that allows you to listen to your music as well as your surroundings with deep, rich sound that is clear to you and minimized to those around you.

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  • How do we take a brand-new product concept and acoustic architecture and create an elegant, wearable, and intuitive experience. Additionally, we challenged ourselves to redefine wearable electronics and embrace more human & personal qualities, while still celebrating the unique technology at the product’s core.

  • To break with the predictable aesthetic and CMF choices of typical Consumer Electronic products, we developed a soft, flexible organic core thoughtfully wrapped in a wearable fabric cover.

  • Wearable electronics—even wearable speakers—are not entirely new, but we set out to redefine what out-loud personal audio means, and hopefully influence the future of wearable electronics as a whole. Bose is uniquely positioned to bring real technological innovations to this space, and our industrial design can also lead the way for the next generation of wearables.

  • A unique and delightful sound experience that defies definition. Comfort, style, customization, performance. Premium materials that look and feel personal. The cover is designed with custom engineered fabric to directly respond to, and take the shape of, the malleable silicone core. This custom fabric top is a four-way stretch jacquard that is coated to repel water and dust while the leatherette bottom is designed to be soft but accommodate more wear. The bonded, instead of stitched, covers provide for a seamless aesthetic that match the refined quality of any high end garment. The use of an all-silicone core, with dark stainless steel grilles, provides the user with a hint of sophisticated tech in an elegant, understated way. The user can make the choice to use SoundWear with or without one of four unique covers to either express or cover the electronic component of the design. Simple, integrated controls and subtle indicator LEDs are designed to primarily stay out of the way of the unique audio experience. Soft, premium materials and careful attention to details reinforce the intimacy wearables have to the human body.