SmartSensor G2

  • 2019

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    Commercial and Industrial

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  • SmartSensor
  • Designworks

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Smartsensor enables councils to control the collection frequency of their waste bins. Smartsensor is designed to provide fullness levels of rubbish bins 24/7. This data is used to determine the most efficient route to collect your waste, where to optimise positioning waste bins, and when to empty bins.

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  • Waste collection systems have remained unchanged for decades and have become out-dated and inefficient. Collecting empty, near empty, or over-flowing waste containers is a major issue for cities across the globe. To combat this growing issue the design team sought to deliver an eye in the sky solution to waste networks and connected every bin at every minute of the day to the waste managers.

  • Smartsensor device uses a global first combination of ultrasound and laser technology to measure the fill level of a bin with greater accuracy. This data is transmitted across LoRaWAN and NB1 networks to provide real-time updates and valuable insights into the fullness levels of city rubbish bins. Smartsensor has enabled bins nationally to become connected and provided waste managers the opportunity to gain deep insights into their waste networks. Smartsensor Dynamic Routing software enables users to have a city-wide view of their entire waste management operation, pushing out routing reports on the most efficient routes possible and plan work schedules.

  • Smartsensor is the groundbreaking smart waste platform that enables cities and facilities to gain a total visual of their waste deployment, enabling them to see every depot, bin, truck, and refuse station in one integrated map. Up to the minute information of the waste network visualised in a real time map enables clear communication of a complex multi-faceted system. It allows potential issues to be identified before they exist enabling a predictive service for councils, cities and facility managers.

  • Temperature levels of each bin are monitored and maintenance alerts raised should the waste become too hot, or the bin is a victim of vandalism. This allows fast response, servicing and a high level of upkeep to the city’s public assets. GPS technology has been integrated to enable every location of the bins to be tracked. The Smartsensor Dynamic Route Planner is a directional assistant in waste collection. It facilitates route and collection schedules based on live collection levels, critical time requirements or defined schedule collections. The GPS enabled system connects full containers from collection point to collection vehicle to waste depot.