EnviroGuard PROX

  • 2023

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • VBreathe
  • LX Design House

Commissioned By:

EnviroGuard Pty Ltd

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EnviroGuard PROX is a new-generation integrated system delivering unparalleled air quality and environmental safety with Active + Passive DualProtect Technology for air and surfaces. Smart sensors monitor and manage indoor air quality, and a unique four-layer air filter releases PuroxDuoTM gel through controlled evaporation; mimicking a compound generated by UV sunlight.

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  • The design challenge was to develop an integrated air and surface sanitisation product beyond air purification. In the Australian marketplace, there are no readily available and cost-effective air purification and surface sanitisation units. With the increase and understanding of airborne and surface-laden infectious vectors, highlighted through the Covid pandemic, there was a clear gap in the market to address the reduction of both these concerns in a single device. The EnviroGuard PROXTM device has a 4-layer PrimeProtectTM filtration system, and PuroxDuoTM gel facilitates in providing dual air purification and surface sanitisation that meets and exceeds the concerns of customers/consumers.

  • In addressing the major challenges associated with sanitisation, a critical solution of the design of the EnviroGuard PROX ™ that needed to be addressed was to develop a device that facilitated and potentiated the dispersion of the PuroxDuo gel vapours in a consistent, efficient and efficacious manner. This was and is the basis of the device itself - providing air and surface sanitisation in a ubiquitous manner. This key feature was primary to the secondary function of air purification.

  • A primary concern of individuals and companies is personal safety. Personal protective equipment such as masks and protective eyewear is the first defence against bacterial and viral infections. With the litany of cultural, social and workplace practice changes, a key driver for businesses is the protection and safety of their staff and customers. The EnviroGuard PROX ™ aids and facilitates peace of mind for employers, employees and customers. By improving safety within an environment, helping business outcomes, and reducing absenteeism, thereby increasing productivity and thus allowing for a solid return on investment, helping communities return to the new “normal”.

  • The EnviroGuard PROX ™ combines 2 powerful patented technologies - the PuroxDuo ™ Gel and PrimeProtect ™ four-layer filtration system which includes an antimicrobial filter that has been treated by AerisGuard TM , which lysis bacteria on contact. The synergy of these proprietary technologies delivers significantly improved indoor air quality. Smart sensor technology monitors and actively manages indoor quality and system performance. In addition, it has powerful networking capabilities and reporting via web and mobile applications enabling the management of the one unit or a fleet of EnviroGuard PROX ™ units from anywhere. The mechanism by which the PuroxDuo ™ gel disperses into the air has been engineered through clever design and testing of the EnviroGuard PROX ™ lid, the vent outlet and the radial fan design, forcing the air captured to splay across the top of the gel and into the area of concern.