SmartCenter Mobile Application

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Designed By:

  • İlayda Yeşilova
  • Cemre Fidan Tüzün
  • Sultan Kayğın Sel
  • Vestel UX/UI Design Group

Commissioned By:

Vestel Electronics Corp.

Designed In:


This SmartCenter mobile app, allows the user to control remotely connected WiFi-enabled, smart Vestel televisions. Information about program broadcasting and program details are always at hand. You can also record broadcast programs to watch later, set reminders for programs, and share content on your mobile phone with your TV.

  • MORE
  • Vestel Smart Center is an easy-to-use remote controller mobile application developed for Vestel Smart televisions. Standard remote controls are very limited for controlling a TV that has various smart features. This causes deficiencies in the interaction between users and TVs.

  • Smart Center mobile app is designed and developed for improving the interaction between user and TV. In addition to basic remote control features SmartCenter offers voice control, creating channel list, mirroring media between phone and TV.

  • Smart Center brings a new, fresh way to control smart TVs. It is the new remote control which users always can reach and don't lose. Its functional features puts it one step ahead. Because it always presents up-to-date information, users don't need to find them from different resources.

  • Vestel UX Group do user researches and A/B testing according to appropriate user group for defining exact user needs and related project guidelines. UX Group, after creating user journey maps, combines them with suitable interfaces for create better user experiences for Vestel smart device's users. While designing these interfaces, user research insights, emotional impacts, usage scenarios, various design architecture systems and actual design trends are considered.